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Wayne Burrows
Wayne Burrows
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Jan. 7, 2011
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July 19
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bridge player

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Doubled Cue in Slam Sequence
I play: Pass shows two or more small diamonds XX shows ace or king of diamonds Bid shows whatever that bid shows and 0-1 diamonds
Please Rank your Top 3 Favorite systems played by you
Forcing pass can be played in NZ but only in Open grade tournaments where you play eight or more boards against your opponents and then you lose any seating rights. (There are probably some other places you can play but we got severely criticised for playing this system in an ...
Minimum for 2S
Agree with Gonzalo, when partner makes a takeout double bad trump breaks are the least of my worries when entering the auction with a five card suit in a suit that has been suggested - especially a major.
Minimum for 2S
I double with four spades and sufficient values for a bid, so that 2 promises five or more.
Minimum for 2S
"The original post says "You have no other face cards." So if you have xxxxx, you have 0 HCP." or some aces ;-)
Please Rank your Top 3 Favorite systems played by you
There is very little difference in the effectiveness of the front end of most systems that are at least semi-standard. By which I include a wide range of systems from those we call natural, to canape, transfer openings, strong club etc. There are just some swings and roundabouts for which ...
Couldn't locate the 4-4 fit after a simple auction
North can bid 1 when the redouble comes to him. Or bid 2 after 2.
How would you rule?
Try a poll.. "If 3♦ shows this hand what would you bid over 4♥?" This is impractical. We don't know what this hand means. This is only one of many hands that would systemically bid 3, assuming there is in fact an agreement. But it could be in ...
How would you rule?
But in reality Ed this almost never happens.
How would you rule?
No "I misbid" and "we have no partnership agreement about 3" are not mutually exclusive. "I misbid" could mean I should have bid 2 about which we do have a partnership agreement and this hand fits it. I somehow pulled the 3 card not realising that 2 ...

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