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A variation I have used is: 2NT weak 6-9 or GF raise 3 limit raise. We have changed to 2NT limit raise. But we still use 1m (2M) 2NT as the weak or GF raise. If 3NT is in the frame as it often is when agreeing a minor ...
John Sarjeant
"ept" does appear in the Oxford English Dictionary as a back formation from "inept".
After a quantitative 4NT
Sure the five-level is high but sometimes there is no room. For example: 1. 2NT 4NT. 2. (3x) 3NT (P) 4NT. To name just two crammed auctions. Given 1NT 4NT is reasonably standard then that auction is also forced in many systems. Recently, I have been using methods where 3NT ...
After a quantitative 4NT
I do not see why five of a suit should be an acceptance. There are so many hands where 6suit will make and 6NT will not. I would play 5m followed by 5NT as no fit and an attempted signoff.
John Sarjeant
Sad to learn of John's death. I played with John a few times when he first arrived in New Zealand.
Do you have methods that help here?
2 was possible but our agreement was that 2 was non-forcing. If 2 was a one round force then this would have been better.
Do you have methods that help here?
Wow. Thanks everyone. I am unfamiliar with the terms "grope" or "punt" in this context. I use a similar but different concept in auctions like 1 1; 3 where there is no fourth suit below 3NT so a bid of 3 is very often false preference ...
Do you have methods that help here?
I was going to ask elsewhere in the thread what the rules are for this punt but you have suggested a rule. How standard is this rule?
Do you have methods that help here?
No imps. Well actually the hands came up in bidding practice but we assume imps in most of our practices.
ATB: Diving to disaster
Having bounced to 4 you already have a lot of equity in this auction. The opponents have been forced to guess both the level and strain. Sure some of the time they have guessed correctly but by bidding again you throw away almost all of your gains from the ...

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