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2NT natural or not.
Rich your reasoning doesn't follow. Obviously some of the 500s everyone will pass. Getting all of the 500s and none of the -670s clearly beats your strategy.
I am still not sure about the correct procedure here
"When explaining the significance of partner’s call or play in reply to an opponent’s enquiry (see Law 20) [b]a player shall disclose all special information conveyed to him through[/b] partnership agreement or [b]partnership experience[/b] but he need not disclose inferences drawn from his knowledge ...
2NT natural or not.
Thanks everyone. I think I am going to have to do some frequency analysis for our system. As mentioned above but with some more details, after 1m (2M) we play: X = takeout promising the other major (4+) and enough values to compete which is loosely around 8+ over 2 ...
2NT natural or not.
Yes I can see the situation is different in a strong club system.
2NT natural or not.
I once played against a pair and they alerted 2NT in some convoluted auction. When I asked I was told "I am not sure what he intends here but we have an overriding agreement that [b]2NT is a convention not a contract[/b]"
Do they always pitch first from their 5 card suit?
I know you said not to go there but how did you get a the top flight?
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
There are problems with the following unrefined suggestion but I will make it any way. A solution that I see would have some flexibility like: 1/ Each player gets x minutes. 2/ In addition each player gets y minutes every time they declare and z minutes when they defend (dummy ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
So you do what you say is obvious and then you play a set of boards where most of the decisions belong to one side. And then one side struggles with their 70 minutes and the other side uses only a fraction of that time. Dividing the time equally would ...
2NT natural or not.
It seems to me that denying the values for a 2NT bid is a moving target. When I deny the values for 2NT the first round then on the assumption that partner has extra values for their double that I do not need as many values for a natural 2NT ...
Marked cards, a follow up and some observations
I don't think I have noticed those ones. Magicians tend to use standard back designs (or near standard) so as not to arouse suspicion. The cards in the bridge tournaments would not survive in magical circles at least for any experienced in marked deck work. One way designs are ...

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