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Wayne Burrows
Wayne Burrows
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Jan. 7, 2011
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Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: KJ4 J72 KJ95 KT8
Thanks I forgot to mention that.
Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: 832 6 AKQT865 AK
Of course but that does not help when the opposition bump the bidding up a level.
Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: 832 6 AKQT865 AK
Sure but not the conditions of this problem.
Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: 832 6 AKQT865 AK
It is certainly an advantage of the Mexican 2 or 2 opening.
NABC+ Appeal Csae 2
Put your two diamonds in north and take away two spades A QJ9x Txx QJ9xx Put the two spades in east and take away two clubs xxxx xx AKxxxx x Give the two clubs to you and leave south's hand the ...
NABC+ Appeal Csae 2
That is the question Bo. What would you do differently in the auction with ♠KT97 ♥AKT32 ♦3 ♣KJT?
NABC+ Appeal Csae 2
Bo that hand exists. The other players hands will be different for sure but you could have that hand.
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
I would prefer to try and establish the facts and then impose a penalty on both sides.
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
Debbie that must be an American thing (and maybe some European players who play in America). Sadly I do not get to play in the US very often and never in Europe. But I have played APBF events, including the Mixed Teams in Singapore this year. I think every team ...
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
" I will often have the convention card open throughout the auction and follow the auction. I do not see this as a problem." It is contrary to the laws. It would be better to change the laws than violate them if it is not a problem. I agree it is ...

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