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Wayne Somerville
Wayne Somerville
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April 26, 2012
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The Worst Convention Ever
Until very recently, one of my partners insisted on playing fishbein. It only took me about 3.5 years to convince him to take it off the card.
One useful strategy after your side 1 nt opening
I've had that strategy used against me, it brought in a lot of imps... for me. You'll lose 5-6 imps for being in the wrong partscore a lot more often than getting to a game you wouldn't normally bid.
Tricky grand
I considered leaving the K for later. The problem from what I can see is that when you start cashing the clubs at the end, East can just ruff the K if he started with 2-4-4-3 and you will be stranded in hand and have to concede a spade to ...
Tricky grand
Win A, A, ruff, AQ (if they break, come back in spades to draw last trump), K, ruff, AQ, K,
Wayne Somerville's bidding problem: T 97 KJ643 AQ974
You can expect less than 15HCP, but almost certainly satisfying rule-of-18 (HCP+2 longest) and values will be in suits if minimum
What is the goal of showing a good/bad suit after Ogust ?
Good suit= my points are in the suit I opened. Bad suit= my points are elsewhere. Do what you will with that info.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: K87x Q KT9 AK9xx
I doubt partner has 18+ given 2NT is described as non-forcing.
6S, best playline?
A, club ruff, AQ. If East has 4 spades, take the marked finesse and try and read the layout to make 7 on a squeeze. If West has 4 spades, cross to the Q, ruff a club and cash AK pitching a diamond and simply start cashing winners letting West ...
Wayne Somerville's bidding problem: A54 KQ5 KJ AK732
5+ diamonds with a 4 card major
Women’s Pairs Also Decided by “BridgeMate Top”
It's not going to catch all the errors, but can the directors not just check every traveller before printing the results, especially if they appear in chronological order? Perhaps there can be an automatic check (only appearing on director's screens) if the result deviates from double dummy by ...

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