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Yes, goulash can be an exercise for normal bridge
North should start with discarding two spades at second and third rounds of hearts. After that, North knows West starts with 10 hearts. Since West doesn't claim, apparently West is void in club, and he is either 1-10-2-0 or 2-10-1-0. North should start to discard all his clubs and ...
Ho Yee So's bidding problem: KT3 T9 KJ86 A654
Partner failed to open 1S third seat, which is a bad sign for us to enter the auction
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Kit, I think it's hard for you to imagine because you always have expert partners. Leading a diamond is winning when 1) Partner forgot to double with A or thought doubling asked for a different lead, and 2) East-West has 13 tricks Leading a diamond is losing when 1 ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
"There is no way a top quality player would ever lead a diamond on this auction." Based on what East commented at the table, I think East would lead a diamond if he were North.
Ruling on Misinformation
The probability of having spade length increases significantly after showing spade honors. Assume south has AK of spades, and no QJ of spades. The combination South holds AK tight and 11 cards in other suit => (39 choose 11) = 1676 million AKx and 10 cards in other suit => (7 choose 1 ...
San Diego Slow Play Penalties
My partner and I got a slow play penalty in Blue Ribbon Pairs, 2nd session of the final. We got different explanation from two sides of the screen, and landed on a bad doubled contract. Since the explanation didn't align with the bidding, my partner took extra time to ...
Ruling on Misinformation
I don’t understand why a heart shift is safe. Partner asked you to lead a spade by bidding 2, and you didn’t shift to a spade? If this is behind screen, I think the likely defense is a low spade from you, declarer can now eliminate your ...
Slow Tricks
There's another advantage to lead a club. Declarer may think we have +, lead Q from KQJT (Rusinow), and play the whole hand wrong.
What is the right action after receiving UI
Thanks for all comments. Here's the whole hand -------------KJ53 -------------AK97 -------------Q5 -------------Q42 A76--------------QT984 J85432--------- 94---------------AJ62 J9---------------A763 -------------2 -------------QT6 -------------KT873 -------------KT85 W N E S 2 Dbl 4 Dbl Pass 4 Lead A, result 4/N -2 It was actually a hypothetical ...
WBF alerting policy on doubles without screen
If there are a general rule and a more specific rule, the more specific rule should be applied when they overlap, otherwise the more specific rule is just waste of time.

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