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Request for non-attitude-oriented signaling method description
Play a method that suits partner and you. That seems more important than a theoretical superieur method. In my very limited experience giving count is mostly less than useless. Either you already know the count already, when partners signals it, or it helps declarer more than defenders. Of course you ...
Overcalling strong NT openings
I have made the opposide observation. I love playing against opponents without a penalty double. Countless opportunities to double some of their overcalls.
The difference here is that we "know" that the opponents don't have enough high card points for game, but enough that we too don't have a game based on hcp. If you take for that for granted, a game can only results because of a good distribution. The ...
Extended Texas
You havent told partner about your spade holding and playing my methods, you cant do it now. But what spade holdings you consider important for a slam, which are not good in case partner splinters in a minor? Dont know if it makes a difference but partner can hold only ...
Extended Texas
If Stayman reveals the fit, there are splinters and the other major to show slam interest. If not you bid smolen next. If the 6/3 fit is found you can go on with cuebids/RKCB. If partner bids 3NT, you can transfer into your major and then bid on ...
Invitational versus non-invitational sequence
Sitting behind the opener, 2NT as natural seems to make a lot of sense here. Usually I would assume lebensohl applies, but I should consider changing that.
Or like in the undisturbed auction: 1 opining (NF) - 2 single raise (NF) - 3 (Trialbid) 3 must then surely be nonforcing. What a brilliant logic.
When Is It Good To Raise Partner's 1 Major Response With A 3 Cards Support?
If you have 4 and no SI you bid 4. If not, you bid 3NT usually. In some cases you might be to high, if responder and opener is minimum.
When Is It Good To Raise Partner's 1 Major Response With A 3 Cards Support?
You seem not to read what I write. Therefore it is very difficult to discuss with you. Where did I say partner is not allowed to raise. He is not allowed to raise to 4. And so you already have the answer. If opener has 4 earts and not ...
When Is It Good To Raise Partner's 1 Major Response With A 3 Cards Support?
I do know that I have no 8 card fit (or partner is not interested in finding one) because he would'nt bid 2NT in this case. "submit 2♥ on your second example is absurd you could easily play i n a 4-3 heart fit." Only if you play with ...
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