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May 25, 2017
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Is there a PROVEN best carding method?
I am not sure if you can really separate the issues. If it is always clear that the signal is attitude (or count)there might be no problems. But in gray areas it might be helpfull to harmonize count and attitude signals, so that reverse count might be superieur, if ...
Is there a PROVEN best carding method?
Would playing the ace not even more clearer?
Is 2!H forcing?
I play still 1 (x)2 as nonforcing. And I would expect a lot do the same. I comes up regularly and works excellent if you use it with the right cards. But maybe I get other cards then you.
2NT and puppet stayman
Is bridge not a wonderful game. I have quite the opposite attitude. I never liked to open 1NT with a 5 card major. Then I tried it. Now I really hate it. So for me 1NT denies a 5 card major and it will be hard to convince me otherwise.
2NT and puppet stayman
In case 3 (3NT) the information loss ist exactly the same, isnt it? Opener must reveal if he has an major and likewise if he has none. In the other 2 cases you are right, he doesnt have to show the major, partner is not interested, at the expense that ...
2NT and puppet stayman
I have seen that argument a few times, but I dont really understand it. How can you disguise openers pattern by playing puppet stayman instead of ordinary stayman and still have a benefit.
ATB playing 5m down when 3NT is much better
If you only bid to contracts, you are 100% sure to make, I think you might still loose imps or mp on average.
ATB playing 5m down when 3NT is much better
In the french system you have to bid 3SA with that hand. But I fail to see the problem with that.
Majors - Minors - 2NT
Contrary to most here, I would let the result stand. Yes, North/South have failed to give an adequat explanation of their follow ups. But what was East thinking when he bid 5 over 5? If North has the Minors why bid 5. If North has the ...
ATB: Pushy slam failed
I think it is a difficult hand and I was often in worse contracts myself, so I dont really blame anyone. While 2/1 systems have their advantages, in this situation they have a handicap. It might help to knew if responder can have an invitational hand with a long ...
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