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Wendelin Albert
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May 25, 2017
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Low-level Penalty
Those problems surely exist after a 1 overcall. But are you then really in a worse position than after your 1NT bid?
How to find the diamond fit?
That depends where you play. For me 1SA ist the standard response in this situation. 1SA isn't perfect, but all other bids are far worse. For the 2 bid, the hand is far too weak if played as forcing an the s are far too weak if ...
How would you rule?
"Easily. All you need to do is consider the hands that wouldn't need to think over 4♠ and would X. In this case the hands that double with little thought are the ones where 5♣ has little chance and 4♠ is likely going down. " That would indeed be a ...
How would you rule?
If you don't know what the slow double means, how can you judge that it makes norths call more attractive?
How would you rule?
You can never be 100% sure, but in this case I feel it is close to it. If we believe that the double means strength in s and s, aka a strong take out double, I would have been more inclined to change the result, if partner had ...
How would you rule?
"I want to deter players from breaking tempo in tempo-sensitive situations. I think, if people stopped doing that the game would overall be better." If we assume the BIT is not made intentionally, I see a big problem with this approach. As it is only a problem in tempo sensitive ...
How would you rule?
"My concern is always for what I think the Laws should be, not what they are. My goal is alkways to improve oour laws to make the game better." I have missed that or have seen it and forgot it, so I was not aware of your position regarging the ...
How would you rule?
Michael, I cannot speak for Mike M, but I disagree on my part slightly. From my side it looks more: I want our game to played by the rules and if that means I can succesfully pull a slow double than that it ok with me. You dont want that ...
What are your preferred methods: priority to count or to attitude?
"I am happy to play what my partner wants." I have found out, thats it is not the case with me. I've played with partners who insist on giving count in a lot situations, and I have discovered I could not stand this to the point I ceased playing ...
Confession Is Good For The Goal
I strongly believe that your capacity of analysing bridge hands far exceeds mine or Mr Yates. But it seems you have not understand my point. My point was not that your analysis is flawed or wrong, and I hoped I have avoided to say that. I just gave a third ...
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