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Wesley Suzuki
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April 22, 2013
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Bread and Butter
10 Tricks seems like a normal target. How about winning Ace, cash King, then four rounds of clubs planning to discard a diamond from dummy. (1) If nobody ruffs, then continue with a crossruff. (2) If somebody ruffs a club or anything else, then cash Ace before ...
A Question for Attitude Leaders
I would play the 10 at Trick One. If the 10 holds, then a shift to low seems to give partner the most information about the position as well as East's honor cards. West might then be able to direct the defense; or, if discarding ...
Surprising (non)-decision by TD in Denver
Both pairs at the table where the hand was dealt are responsible for ensuring it was a fair deal. That is how "shuffle and play" works in a KO match. After being played at the first table, the board, without being altered in any way, was passed to the second ...
ATB defense/how should we get this right?
Yes, Benoit, good point. -)
ATB defense/how should we get this right?
Another possibility is for West to discard a small on the second round of diamonds. If declarer draws trumps and leadsQ, West will follow and East has a complete count of the hand.
Defense problem
Agree, if partner follows to the third , then an immediate switch seems best.
Defense problem
I agree with the two above posters. Yes, I would cash the good . Since the opps are "intermediate" (club?) players I would just try exiting with the fourth and let declarer work something out.
What is your plan?
@David: I did not think of the 9 follow up; I agree, that seems to guarantee three club tricks with entries to cash them, even against A-10-x-x OR A-K-10-x with RHO (and LHO, as you point out). If declarer has K and Q (and more ...
What is your plan?
@David: Just a quick response to your suggestion of the unblock from Q-8, namely, it's doubtful whether declarer can afford to unblock, because clubs might to 3-2 or 2-3. The outstanding 10 is too dangerous a card. On this particular hand, the unblock does not even gain ...
What is your plan?
@Ben, regarding the return of Jack or 10: Yes, returning an honor runs the risk of declarer's holding A-9-x-x. After Q, and declarer crosses to dummy with Ace to lead a third round of 's, partner will certainly think that he can exit ...

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