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Will Roper
Will Roper
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July 28, 2013
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

23 year old junior who has played bridge for over half their life.


Apparently "studied" engineering in London.


Love bridge, not much else to it


Favourite convention/nickname: Dopi Ropi



United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Regular Bridge Partners
Louise Selway, Yvonne Wiseman
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Young Chelsea
Favorite Tournaments
Spring Foursomes, Gold Cup, Anything I can get to abroad
Favorite Conventions
Transfers in (un)contested auctions
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B Psyches
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Exciting Endplays in Swedish Teams Semifinals
Thanks for the hands. Very cool. On the second hand: An alternative line which might be better is to draw trumps. Now when East shows up with 3 we know he has 4315 or 4306. Cash A and the whole hand is revealed. Now AKQ (throwing a diamond ...
We are on a guess for the double squeeze as far as I can see. If LHO has 4 we cannot make now so RHO has 42(43) or (42)(52). We essentially need to guess which minor East has length in and then lead the shorter one. If ...
Robin Barker's bidding problem: AK4 983 9 QJT853
I initially looked at this and thought that this was good logic. 2 queries have come to mind though: 1) Why can't be 6142/6043 round the table? 2) Can partner make a FJ on 5-3?
Crouch and Cope Win Silodor Pairs
Great result. Well done!
Vanderbilt Round of 32 Vugraph matches
Zimmermann - Schwartz Gupta - Fireman Cayne - Verbeek Lall - Seligman Thanks in advance :-)
Preferred Contract?
At MP: 4 At Teams: 5 or 6
Weak two openers rebids
I like to play over 2-(P)-?: 2L = NF (constructive if Vuln) 2NT = or a GF bid that doesn't have anything else to do 3 = 3 = 3 = ; INV 4 = ; ST 2-3M = Natural; Highly INV I also play kit ...
Ambrose Hol's bidding problem: A4 AJ763 87 KT62
This is very much a style thing. I have seen all of 2 through 3 touted as the best. See - P.S I prefer to play Sinvite so am somewhat forced in this department to bid 3 = Stop ...
Ambrose Hol's bidding problem: A4 AJ763 87 KT62
TD: You Land the Squeeze 2 Times out of 3
I should also note that I may have phrased the above poorly. I have nothing against Roger and no vested interest in this hand, nor am I trying to rile/annoy anyone. I am very much a bridge player 1st, human 2nd and director 3rd. I am simply trying to ...

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