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Willem Jan Maas
Willem Jan Maas
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Member Since
Aug. 3, 2016
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Oct. 22, 2018
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the European mixed pairs championship in 2002
Bridge Accomplishments
EC mixed in 2002
Regular Bridge Partners
Hedwig van Glabbeek
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Gehaktmolen, Buitenhof
Favorite Tournaments
MK pairs
ACBL Ranking
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Ronald Kalf's bidding problem: --- Jxx Jxxxx QJTxx
There are only two reasons for me not to bid 2. First, if I, misguidedly, play that as conventional, second, if the partnership desk is about to close, for I shall be needing a new partner. Partner obviously has spades and thus is nuts to make any call if ...
Very slow suit preference signals
Always count, but slow is suit preference, is unfortunately pervasive in the real world. I am not a native speaker, but the Tom Townsend comment that this is “appalling ethics” covers it nicely, thank you.
King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
A little bit off-topic, but I am a fairly competent player, some might even say very competent, but I am simply not good enough to know up front whether I shall need a count or attitude signal from my partner. Thus "leading the King asks for count" is not for ...
Ronald Kalf's bidding problem: QJxx AQJxx x Kxx
Game try. Just... 3 and then compete is not for me, especially since it is likely that all kinds of ethical issues will arise (assuming no screens). In addition, my, admittedly light, game try will dissuade opps to compete. Under no circumstances I'll accept my own invite, i ...
Gazzilli advice?
This, of course seems like an erudite comment. However, it is not. Every convention has hands that don't fit well, nay, every system has hands that don't fit well. You have to consider the problems a treatment solves and the costs. I for one am glad that I ...
What's the correct ruling?
If I am not mistaken they do if the clubs are bad.
Ronald Kalf's lead problem: 875 A964 Q42 T92
I expect partner to be (near) broke, and I hope that by suggesting longish clubs I get to make my Q.
What does this rebid mean?
Traditionally the meaning of this sequence is minimal not forcing. With a better hand pass first and then rebid spades. In this approach both partners play penalty doubles after this start. However... Recently we have been experimenting with take-out doubles in both hands after this start. Consequently, if you adopt ...
Calling all Mathematicians: Specious Reasoning in Probability?
I have always thought that when faced with a guess like this (in the trump suit), it is slightly better to play 2nd hand NOT to have a void. (He might have acted with a void.)
Unusual action with UI
For what it is worth, I have done a quick simulation for this hand. Giving South this hand and North a 15-17 NT with a doubleton . For every hand I determined the double dummy result in 3NT, 4 and 5 (DD play and defense, not really realistic ...

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