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Willem Jan Maas
Willem Jan Maas
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Aug. 3, 2016
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Jan. 18
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the European mixed pairs championship in 2002
Bridge Accomplishments
EC mixed in 2002
Regular Bridge Partners
Hedwig van Glabbeek
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Gehaktmolen, Buitenhof
Favorite Tournaments
MK pairs
ACBL Ranking
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Calling all Mathematicians: Specious Reasoning in Probability?
I have always thought that when faced with a guess like this (in the trump suit), it is slightly better to play 2nd hand NOT to have a void. (He might have acted with a void.)
Unusual action with UI
For what it is worth, I have done a quick simulation for this hand. Giving South this hand and North a 15-17 NT with a doubleton . For every hand I determined the double dummy result in 3NT, 4 and 5 (DD play and defense, not really realistic ...
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: K7 AJT982 AT3 76
Since 2 shows a 6 card suit, 2 is not a bid made out of fear. Since it is reasonable to assume partner is short in I have a Bonanza. Thus 4. BTW I'd play 3 instead of 2 forcing for exactly this ...
What is the result of this claim?
After. When he took the K he cashed a high trump and said "I guess I lose another trump".
What is the best line of play?
See, I still have a lot to learn. Presenting problems in te proper way ia one of them.
What is the best line of play?
Sorry, This was my first post ever and I didn't realize that this information was relevant. The bidding was (EW pass throughout) N: 1-2(Inverted)-3(minimum unbalanced)-3(values)-3(values)-key cards-6. EW use upside down carding and 4th best leads ...
Is Lebensohl on after (2M)-P-(P)-X-(P)-?
Even though a natural 2NT is missed more than as a response to a direct double, the raison d'être for a conventional 2NT, i.e., mitigating the range problem still exists. Therefore, YES!
Bas Van Der Hoek's bidding problem: QJ9765 T732 --- AJ3
I'd sooner open 1...
Verbeek Wins Jacoby Swiss
well done countrymen!
Another assign the blame
3NT with Ax of clubs if partner obviously doesn't want to bid NT is IMO very short-sighted.

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