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Web Movement?
There is a skip if there are an even number of board sets. There is not a skip if you are doing a 9 round or 13 round web movement.
Internal BAM Movement, Even number of tables
I really dislike both NS and EW pairs having to move. The idea of stationary boards is easy for the director but what you described has extra boards in play. Except for the highest number team my movement is basically boards up one table, but sitting out a round before ...
Bridgemate Question
The BCS can be set to have the ranking and percentages include only the one section, or include all sections. There is no middle ground. At tournaments I've only seen the former. If the sections the tournament was scored across vary from what the BCS is doing the scores ...
Web vs. Sections
You can find them on I put these movements on all my computers.
Web vs. Sections
I had 8 games of 18-21 tables that were 2 sections. I always scored across the field but compared ranked across the field to only ranked within sections. Flight A player got fewer masterpoints and flights B and C got more masterpoints if I ranked across the field for this ...
Web vs. Sections
The overall award is now capped at 4.0
17 table board movement
On point 3 you can avoid the relay during round 1 by having table 14 play 19 and 20 round 1, 1-2 round 10. Have table 17 play 1-2 round 4 and 19-20 round 13. On Points 5-6 I like to have table 1's boards go to assembly table ...
Dealing Cards
I think I will finally state the reason for my dealing method. I wanted something that if you deal the cards out and place the 4 hands on top of each other and repeat that it is a long time before the cards get back to their initial position. The ...
Dealing Cards
It was not chosen for either speed or convenience.
Dealing Cards
If a deck is not completely shuffled then the dealing algorithm matters. Comparing the standard method to giving each player 13 consecutive cards is comparable to 1/2 a shuffle. The paper I saw this in said that my SWENNEWS... is better but I could not tell how to figure ...

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