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for movement wonks only
I assumed it is what David Hassal said below. There was a bye stand after 3 and highest board set was for table 7 which got eliminated. 1-3 4-6 7-9 13-15 16-18 19-21.
for movement wonks only
I am certain there are many 3/4 howells with 4 stationary pairs. For example 1,3,4,6 stationary, Moving pairs go 1EW 2EW 3EW 4EW 5EW 2NS 5NS 6EW. I have not looked at balance in any way.
NABC Appeal
With proper information North would not have clubs because he would know that 2 showed spades and clubs when he bid 2NT.
Should the place of VPs in KO events be reconsidered?
0-3 IMP 10-10 9-14 IMP 12-8 15-21 IMP 13-7
Should the place of VPs in KO events be reconsidered?
I cannot believe there existed VP scale where +3 and +12 is worse than +17 and -3. Certain the WBF scale doesnt work that way and what was used for other flights in D22 doesn't appear to work that way.
Michelle Steiner's bidding problem: AK2 AK76 KJT76 K
I pretended that they had no agreement about 2 or else it would have been mentioned.
15 seconds to the Bermuda Bowl
In what event did you pick up that 0166 hand and get ruled against when you pulled partner's double on the auction 1D-(4S)-X-(P)? That is a serious problem or a strawman.
A simple proposal to improve the game while earning clubs/directors extra income
This idea reminds me of when I ran a bar and my customers needed to show some sort of ID. The printer was expensive but I still did quite well.
Willenken - Ginossar methods
If you play that 5S balanced invites go through stayman then you can play invite+ transfers after 2 If you give up on 1N-2; 2-2 being some sort of major two suiter then you can also play transfers after 1N-2-2.
Do bridge paradoxes exist?
There are hands where if everyone else is in 3NT, you want to play 6D, if they are in 6D you want to play 6NT, and if they are in 6NT you want to play 3NT.

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