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Kayden Ge's bidding problem: T2 A AKJ9832 K86
My opponents opened a weak NT and had the auction to themselves to 6D
Brandon Ge's bidding problem: AQJT732 T AK9 97
Does 2S show some convertible values, and not just values for a spade contract?
Howell problem - how to fix on Bridgemate?
If the movement cannot be edited it would be better to leave the scores as is and adjust the matchpoints for the two involved pairs for the entire session. This way you do not have factoring for the other pairs and the matchpoints are all calculated for you.
Kai Eckert's bidding problem: Q9873 AJ982 962 ---
2d-2h; 2s invite 5-5, 2h-2s; 3h forcing 5-5 is what I usually play. I chose to force to game based on either RHO having strong clubs for double or constant endplays.
Odd Movement
If you are not finishing the movement there are extra boards in play and boards are played different numbers of times.
Odd Movement
I recently found myself with 8 1/2 tables, East-West sitout, and wanting to play 8 rounds of 3 boards. In a fit of hubris I decided to do a criss-cross mitchell with EW rover. I was confident I could derive a schedule on the fly. There is no valid ...
Odd Movement
There were 8.5 tables, My guess is that it was desired to play 24 boards as 8 rounds of 3 boards with 24 boards in play and with 9 stationary pairs. With those constraints this movement sounds fine. The director will have a lot of work directing people/boards.
Marked cards
I have seen cards from teaching programs where each card tells you to whom it should be dealt on the back, and so that each card is different. If this tournament had one or two of these decks mixed amongst several sets of boards then I would guess that they ...
18 bids in a row
I've had 7, with both sides bidding 1C(16+)-1D(majors or minors)-1H(5-7 any shape)-1S(Pass/Correct); 1NT(16-18)-2C-(minor)-2D(transfer) after which things broke down.
ACBL Live über alles
I have run swisses with all results in a BAM section in ACBLScore. To post to ACBL Live you must delete all sections other than the swiss in ACBLScore, and you cannot upload BWS file. (You cannot also include a pairs game, although you can have more than one Swiss ...

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