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William Wickham
William Wickham
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Jan. 11, 2011
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Nov. 8, 2016
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bridge player

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ACBL Ranking
Natural 2/1 GF
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Natural with Weak NT
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Natural - 2/1 GF unless suit rebid OR 2!H over 1!S opening
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1!C balanced 15-19 HCP OR Natural !Cs Weak NT 2/1 GF except 2!C/1!D
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Natural - 2/1 GF unless suit rebid OR 2!H over 1!S opening
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Jackie Matthews: 1936-2016
All four of my children caddied more than one NABC, and my daughter worked more than a dozen of them. Jackie was a great influence on all of them, and I am sure that she will be missed by everyone who ever was fortunate enough to get to know her ...
Defence to Strong 1!C
This convention, often called Mathe, does nothing but help the strong club side, as so many more descriptive bids are opened up for use. Multi-Landy is excellent and potentially very disruptive because the strong Club side has no anchor suit to bid around.
Continuations after a power double
This is just a plug for the two guys that answered briefly. Both Jeff Goldsmith and Michael Shuster have played these methods in serious competitive situations, sometimes together, for well more than 20 years. If I were you, I would extract as much help from them as you are able ...
Precision - 2 Club response to strong 1 Club opener - not alertable
Natural and game forcing 2/1 responses in a natural system are no longer alertable (except inverted minor raises), although at times in the past they have been. A natural 2C bid over partner's opening strong and artificial 1C carries with it variable information about HCP count, like 8 ...
Precision - 2 Club response to strong 1 Club opener - not alertable
I have been (un)fortunate enough to hear fragments of what happened from all of the involved parties. The gentleman who wrote this post frequently plays with his wife, and as far as I can remember, they have always played a strong Club system. Their opponents in this instance have ...
Kokish Relay Problem
Switching the meaning of two bids after the auction begins 2C-2D-2H-2S would help in this case. 3C should show a single suited hand in Hearts and 3H should Hearts and Clubs game forcing. This also gains because you can use 3D as a double negative here. I have heard this ...
How do you feel about psyches
In a very similar vein of thought, I have heard that a player playing a 10-12 Notrump could be penalized for opening 1NT with AKTx xxx QT9x xx (10.65 K&R) and applauded for opening 1NT with Jxx Qxx Kxx Axxx (8.65 K&R). Even an experienced novice ...
How do you feel about psyches
For the most part I do not object to the attitude of the ACBL regarding psyches, nor do I object to having some organizational controls about what constitutes a legitimate opening bid. Most experienced and/or expert players recognize that the standard Work 4321 point count evaluation method is not ...
What is the difference?
Long ago 1N 2D 2H 5C would have set hearts as trump and shown a void. Since then we have learned to respond KC exclusion. I am not aware of any other use today, although their may have been some alternates in the past. I'm curious. What is the ...
2016 Invitational Pairs Qualifier
On the slam hand, our combination of archaic and modern methods combined with help from the opponents allowed the club slam to be reached easily. My partner overcalled the 1H opening with 2C. I bid 2H because I could not bid a forcing 2S, and my LHO doubled. Partner was ...

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