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Winston Chang
Winston Chang
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May 24, 2012
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
2015 GNT Flight C winner, 2016 GNT Flight C 2nd, 2016 Mini-Spingold II (0-1500) 2nd
Regular Bridge Partners
Frank Lin, Joe Albert Garcia, Wayne Gorski
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ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: AJ Q KJ43 JT9743
GF 13(45)
Winston Chang's bidding problem: QJx Axxxxx xx xx
West opened a weak NT. North has a good 14+.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: AKxx AKJ9x --- KQJ9
No agreements, but I assume pass is forcing.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: Q5 K985 QT7543 4
On the previous hand, RHO bid 3, partner doubled for penalty, RHO ran to 4. The play of the hand wasn't much better. But it could have been a ruse!
Why younger players don't want to learn bridge
As a competitive game, bridge seems to lack instant, or even reasonably quick, gratification. Take declarer play for instance -- taking a bunch of top tricks or a finesse or two is not very exciting. Planning and executing an endplay, or making a deceptive play, or making a right inference (or ...
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
In the US, if it's a non-criminal case, interest must be paid, along with a penalty (usually 20% or 40% of the tax due, which may sometimes be eliminated if there is reasonable cause). Criminality generally requires willfulness. In the "easy" case, if someone takes a tax position that ...
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
There may be disputed facts or laws involved, but it sounds like a court in Norway has examined the facts and the laws and ruled against H+H. The court can certainly be wrong (or biased, or defense counsel was incompetent, etc., etc.), and the decision appears to be subject ...
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
Add also many US attorneys and CPAs, very few or none of them with familiarity with Norwegian laws.
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
It depends partly on whether "willfulness" or similar is an element of the crime in Norway. In the US, different levels of culpability are assessed depending on whether a taxpayer had reasonable cause (sometimes no penalty), no reasonable cause (civil penalty), or willfulness (jail).
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
If H+H were US citizens (or permanent residents), they would be taxed in the US on their worldwide income, generally subject to tax credit for foreign taxes paid. If Monaco had been a high tax jurisdiction and H+H had paid Monagesque income taxes in excess of US income ...

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