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Winston Chang
Winston Chang
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May 24, 2012
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19 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
2015 GNT Flight C winner, 2016 GNT Flight C 2nd, 2016 Mini-Spingold II (0-1500) 2nd
Regular Bridge Partners
Frank Lin, Joe Albert Garcia, Wayne Gorski
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Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
ATB: Letting through a game
Michael, can you explain the comment about the bridge play being to return a spade, given the possible declarer hand (with AQ) you gave above and a low club from partner? Do you mean that it's still far likelier that partner has A or Q than that declarer has ...
ATB: Letting through a game
Arguably worse than minimal help, if E is expecting a good signal (E seems more likely to work it out if W is known not to signal at all, than if W's signal is thought to be reliable. Steve's analysis above seems to depend on the 8 being ...
ATB: Letting through a game
EW don't play trump suit preference and don't have an agreement on whether they play count in the trump suit.
Frank Lin's bidding problem: KJxxxx AQx Qxx x
Yes, a weak 2 opening is available. Preempts at 2nd seat red will be good. Transfer then support spades is invitational, around 10-11 pts or so.
Collegiate/GNT Clash: Or a call to help college players at the NABCs
I played in the GNT Cs the last two years; this was a clear issue for the U. of Chicago team in 2016, which was also GNT C representative for its district. There have been a few other teams with college/grad-student age players (I'll call them "juniors" for ...
Reverse questions
Ok, thank you.
Reverse questions
Does 3 imply/indicate "some help for " or would it be "some help for OR 6-card " (as you originally stated)? If the latter, then if opener has 1426 or 0436 and bids 3NT (expecting some help in ), wouldn't responder (with 6 and nothing ...
Reverse questions
Sorry; I had not been aware of the ambiguity. I had intended to ask in the second question about opener's 4th round bid of 3 *in response to* responder's 3rd round rebid of 3. 3 is responder's 3rd bid. If responder had bid 3 ...
How Many Hands of Bridge So Far?
Partner was dealt -- AKQxxxxxxx KQT -- 9 days ago in a Swiss.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: AQ943 J75 J83 J9
Meant to indicate 2 on the first round, I think.

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