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Winston Chang
Winston Chang
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May 24, 2012
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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2015 GNT Flight C winner, 2016 GNT Flight C 2nd, 2016 Mini-Spingold II (0-1500) 2nd
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Frank Lin, Joe Albert Garcia, Wayne Gorski
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Winston Chang's bidding problem: K9876 5 AK943 T3
I added those after he and Michael made their comments.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: A AJ9 AQ6 AKQT96
I see -- so with this treatment, as opposed to 2-2-3M showing a solid (or semi-solid) suit, does 2-2-2M-3-3M show NF and 2-2-2M-[non 3]-3M show the solid/semi-solid suit? (Assume no Kokish.)
Winston Chang's bidding problem: A AJ9 AQ6 AKQT96
Thanks. Then 2-2-3-3 becomes a checkback for 4-card major? How would this work after 2-2-3?
What are standard agreements in this sequence?
4nt = 1430 (don't have 0314 for clubs as trump, if it makes a difference). No minorwood or kickback contemplated here.
What are standard agreements in this sequence?
IMPs - revised the description to add. Thanks.
What hand type is 2!d?
For what it's worth, Mike Lawrence appears to go with #1. On an auction identical to Phil's (through opener's 2nd round pass), he suggests bidding 2 with A82 7 QJ94 AQT74 and says it shouldn't promise a big hand. (_Takeout Doubles_, p. 114)
Mean .vs. Geomean
As an illustration: Meckwell (about 160,000 mps) and 4 I/N pairs (say 100 each). Mean: (160,000 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100)/5 = 32,080 Geometric mean: (160,000 x 100 x 100 x 100 x 100) ^ (1/5) = about 437
What is this Double?
Just what I wrote above -- I don't have his original edition.
What is this Double?
He revised _Overcalls_ in 2009, so who knows?
What is this Double?
In _Overcalls_, Lawrence defines double in this slightly different (but similar) sequence as a balanced limit raise: (1) - P - (1) - 1 - (2) - X. So he is kind of all over the place too.

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