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Winston Chang
Winston Chang
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May 24, 2012
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34 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
2015 GNT Flight C winner, 2016 GNT Flight C 2nd, 2016 Mini-Spingold II (0-1500) 2nd
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Frank Lin, Joe Albert Garcia, Wayne Gorski
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Gazilli feedback from those who have played it
Very high memory load (20 pages of sequences, more if you include the freed-up jump shift and 1M-1Y-2NT sequences), comes up about once every 2 sessions, but seems to seldom make an actual difference. I'd be surprised if it's worth a net 20 imps/1000 boards.
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
I found the pizza there below average, clearly worse than the Chipotle-style 5-minute pizza chains that have been popping up in recent years.
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
Yes, I took the train to and from. The Santa Fe Depot (terminus) station is an easy 5-10 minute walk to the Hyatt. The Amtrak has electric sockets and pretty good cell phone connectivity the whole way down. However, timing is not good if you are playing the 7:30 ...
What should this bid mean?
We have many rules as to when nonserious applies -- we had not considered this specific situation (though it would fall into our general rules), and wanted to see how others would treat it. Thanks.
What should this bid mean?
Yes, 4 spades, good 14-16 hcp. So 3/3 for the 4(41)4 17+ hands, Gazzilli (2) otherwise with 4-card spade support and 17+.
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
Complete speculation here, but could Garozzo mean that in thinking over his results, about 60% of the bad (or good) results were as a result of bids that could have been better, and about 40% were plays or defenses that could be better? That feels like a "common sense" way ...
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
The value of a good opening novelty at the top levels is probably worth less than a pawn or so (mainly it takes up the opponent's time, and if he/she doesn't find the right moves it costs a pawn's worth of value, fatal at that level ...
Claim ruling poll
This also sounds like the last chapter of one of the Reese books on play, entitled "The sea-lawyer," where he also claimed by putting his cards in the board without stating a line.
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
That's a fair point. I think there are deals where there are clearly bidding errors and clearly play errors. These are relatively easy to attribute, although (especially) in the case of bidding errors is it better to assess the whole damage (e.g., lose 13 on a 40% slam ...
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
Or, bidding 3nt was not wrong given the opponents and their bad play + our good play = 16

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