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Wrik Chakraborty
Wrik Chakraborty
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Jan. 5, 2014
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Dec. 26, 2019
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Wrik Chakraborty's bidding problem: A64 QJT5432 3 54
1D-2h shows 5 cards spades 4 cards hearts 6-8 hcp 1d-3h shows splinter 1d-1h-1s-2c(xyz forced to bid 2d)-2d now 2h 10-11 5 cards inv 1d-1h-1s-2h 6 cards nf 1d-1h-1s-3h preemtive style with lots of hearts
Ron Smith's bidding problem: AT5 AKQT7 KQT5 A
Systemically 2c-2d-2h-2s-3d shows hearts and dia 5-4 almost GF but i will go for 2nt with single ace if i hold A10x AKQxx x AKQx then I bid 3d via kokish
Max Schireson's bidding problem: KT4 AKT8 Q83 KT8
1st holding Kxx missclick
Max Schireson's bidding problem: KT4 AKT8 Q83 KT8
Axxxxx xx xx kx , qjxxxx Qx xx kxx, Qxxxxx x Ax Jxxx all these holding can possible. I will go for 4s
Debbie Rosenberg's lead problem: 94 743 JT2 T9742
Both club 10 and dia J higher chances of normal lead. But dia J because you don't have a entry and your p didn't dbl 2c. So dia J
Wrik Chakraborty's bidding problem: AQxxxx Qxx xxx x
with 9-10 hcp 6322 we bid 3nt. our 2nt is 15+ dblton fit of partners suit.we dont play solid AKQ 3nt over 2nt.
The Most Important Card
if dec has xx AKQJ10987 x Ax then contract not makeing no entry dummy.spade A K dia A then heart 4.

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