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Xavier Dantan
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March 16, 2016
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about me

Systems builder having some opportunities to benchmark them in France, would they be highly unusual or little gadgets around standard. Convinced that Fantunes opened the path to a new way of bidding (but I am too addicted to good ethics to win).

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Follow-ups when opponents bids a major over a stayman bid
X penalty but we also plan to let bidder on lead so: Pass = 4 2 = max 3 cards, no stopper
Preferred methods after (1S) x (2S)
We started with a simple morphism of 2x, but changed slightly due to additional options (pass, double): . X basically shows cards, gathering the good options of former 2NT . 2NT is first considered as weak with both minors, but is also used with limit 4 In the version ...
Reverses after 1NT response
We play 1m 1NT 2m as forcing, 3m/m' being minimum. This changed our approach of reverses. We then mapped our Inverted minors structure to this sequence 1m 1NT 2m as much as possible.
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
Indeed, more fun if opponents want to agree (and disclose) based on subsequent bids. Problem was more simple with psyches. We may solve the circle if we ban actions based on subsequent defence. You would only base your agreements on what came before in the sequence. But quite complex to ...
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
I think you are mixing up disclosure and psyches. Even if precise (alerted range, vulnerability, seats), you have a predefined agreement you must disclose. Opponents can psych based on this information if they wish... at their own risks of course. You may obfuscate resolution of your agreements as much as ...
Which agreement set is better, imps if it matters
I play this simple agreement: consider this sequence exactly as a weak 2M opening. This also applies for 1m 3m and possibly a lot of other situations. Easier to agree on situations where we can copy-paste than specific ad hoc.
AI, Contract Bridge, Conventional Bidding. A casual update.
Apart from getting a worthy sparring partner, progress in bridge AI could have very interesting side effects indeed. GO community started to learn and use Alphago strategies. We can similarly expect discovering completely new ways of bidding (and carding?). With more hands and with interference, possibly the Transfer scheme will ...
Bad Moysian
Any double with 3 is doubtful : - it is unlikely partner has 4 - they are fitted when partner has 2 - best case scenario is partner having 3, but this means trump split. Declarer may not expect it so there might be happy ending, but you are taking risks.
The real reason Bridge is on the decline
If thé fate of humanity is to work hard then seat down watching TV after a fast food dinner, then I am proud to be that old fashioned European. Anyway, I don't think major sports suffer from this curse. This means it is only a matter of priority and ...
unspecified smolen & jump to 3M to show 4M+5!D
Even better to show a shortness. Only in case we don't belong to 3NT we then study best major fit, would it be 5/3 or 4/3.

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