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Xavier Dantan
Xavier Dantan
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March 16, 2016
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Aug. 22
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about me

Systems builder having some opportunities to benchmark them in France, would they be highly unusual or little gadgets around standard. Convinced that Fantunes opened the path to a new way of bidding (but I am too addicted to good ethics to win).

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Fully in line with David comment. 3H facing 5m4M is nonsense. East deserves a visit to local ethics committee
Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
It never ends trying to load problem. Possibly due to my location...
Combining preemptive, mixed, invitational and GF minor-suit raises with showing balanced hands.
After 1m 2m and 1m 2NT GF, I think opener has to describe the same features. This means you should study merging and lowest bid is best candidate.
Transfers after 1m-1M-2m?
Stopping low with invites is nice, but clarifying the type of invite is much more valuable. Because game bonus is way better than bidding too high (3 will often make with invite values). Additionnaly, playing in the weak hand suit and at 2 level is better than in the one-suiter ...
For some reason, opener tries to let the hand be played by partner.
Defence to openings showing shortness
If we double, what would responder Pass mean? If this depends on X meaning, assume we play it balanced 14+ or any 18+. If you play some kind of run out, we have more options possible for responder to double. An interesting quote from a friend, for defense over our ...
The Price of Information
I dont know how you manage it, but related to the common concern of sample size, there is a trick to virtually enlarge the sample: Double Dummy solvers use partitioning tables to save time: in bridge words, it replaces idle small cards by 'x' and treat equivalent hands at once ...
Problem of page 2: We know spades are 2-2. Percentage of diamonds being 2-2? The correct answer is 41,4%. This is a little bit more than probability of a single suit to be 2-2 (e.g. spades). Yes, there is a little correlation. But WAY less than you say ...
I like your posts: it is always great fun figuring out the flows in your reasoning. Wrong reasoning is no excuse for banning publications, I guess you went too far in other matters. However someone has to take care of finger-pointing errors, otherwise less regarding readers may believe the guru ...
Transfers after 1m-1M-2m?
I have built the following structure, I will explain with 1 1 2: 2 transfer to 2 weak OR any limit 2 GF with 5 2NT transfer to 3 3 invite as usual There is only 2 transfers, each one having a ...

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