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Xavier Truel
Xavier Truel
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Sept. 30, 2015
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Aug. 17
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Bridge Player

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Francois "dellache" (dellache on bbo)
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French national open teams
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Tommy Cho's bidding problem: AQJ94 93 9753 52
This hand is 5422 and this is very, very different from 5332. The 4th round of is almost surely a winning trick (ruffed by partner). If partner has short diamonds 4 is almost always cold even on minimal HCP count. There is no way I stay short of ...
François "Dellache"'s lead problem: T975 AKT83 Q32 2
Sure enough, there are good cases for leading a high heart, or a deceptive 3, or even a spade, but I don't see a clear reason to not go for my normal lead.
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: A982 987542 --- QT4
Partner might have gambled a pass at these colors if he held a diamond stack. So I like more my chances in another game than 3NT, and my shape is perfect for a 4 COG.
John Uchida's bidding problem: QJ5 QJ82 QJ75 KJ
+1 Ugly 13 does qualify just like a fair 12.
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: AK65 Q6 AQ854 82
45m22 is a no-brainer 1m opening for me whatever the strength, unless on very few extreme hands.
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: 2 98743 AKQJ43 7
Interesting. My deciding factor is that I may sometimes consider blank 5 card suits as 4 card ones, so 1 it is. Naturally on this extreme hand the lead directing factor is a bonus.
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: KQ JT962 AJT T65
Double. If 6 is making (which is the only reason to chicken and pass), why would North bid a potentially failing 5 instead of a sure 5 ? He should know that a crowded auction like that often means bad breaks, and he wouldn't go for the ...
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: QJ65 AQ82 K AKT3
This is a well known messy situation - facing a 4-level preempt with a strong hand and the wrong shape, generally coming with massive defense but no way to double as penalties. One possibility is to play 4NT as natural - which would fit the above hand nicely - but I find it ...
Nikos Delimpaltadakis's bidding problem: KT6 T4 KQT7 AK63
I'm certainly missing something, but going on with the crowd and happily pass just scares me. What do I have that LHO should be surprised of? 3 obviously isn't a lead director, so unless he's noob he certainly holds 7 solid clubs possibly with some kind ...
Dan Zagorin's bidding problem: ATxx AKx x AKJxx
First thought is to pass in order to not turn a plus score in 4 into a minus one in a contract, but on 2nd look the colors are worrisome. North's 4 vul against not should show 8, maybe 9 playing tricks. Considering he has weak ...

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