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Yehudit Hasin
Yehudit Hasin
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Member Since
March 24, 2011
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June 25
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Bridge Player
about me

Latest favorite quote: "If two people always agree, one of them is unnecessary." - Carol Frank 


My general feeling about bridge:

"-But I don't want to go among mad people!

-Oh, you can't help that, we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.

-How do you know I'm mad?

-You must be, or you wouldn't have come here."

I am Israeli, currently live in Foster City. Love dogs and puzzles, do science for a living. 


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Meeting Eddie :D
Bridge Accomplishments
all my partners are still speaking to me, and not from beyond the grave
Regular Bridge Partners
Jim Perkins, Danny Kleinman, Howard Einberg, Carol Frank
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Hasharon, Beverly Hills
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs, Tel Aviv international Festival.
Favorite Conventions
2/1 and common sense
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Should this bid be alerted?
"What is your proper course of action? Does it vary with your spade holding?" I would think the proper answer is "we have no agreement", regardless of spade holding. :)Yu
Should this bid be alerted?
It should be absolutely irrelevant if someone is a pro and client for the purpose of this OP. If I did not know what 3 was - I would not alert or explain it. 3 is natural if it shows spades and worry about another suit for 3NT, and ...
Explain this double
I would have raised to 3 in uncontested auction. 3 is just competitive. :)Yu
Chris Gibson's bidding problem: K7 JT83 6 AT8642
Why would you bid 4 even if it was clear? I would not take the chance of being passed in 4. If partner bids 4 my plan is bid 4, let them ask aces and correct final number of clubs to hearts. You have the same ...
Is this double take out or lead directing?
Thanks, fixed. :)Yu
Is this double take out or lead directing?
Alvin, First it is either Yu or Yehudit, please. Second - I don't think the double of 3C is David's hand. That hand has no business doubling clubs. It will go xx, and a big minus in whatever we run to. I think that X of 3NT is asking ...
How do you rule on this sitiuation
I don't think that S pass was just bizarre. Unless S was having a stroke, S was the only hand at the table that knew exactly what 2 was and what 2 was, and how the hearts are breaking. S also knew that N was given MI ...
Bidding Deep Finesse
I don't know how it should go, but if I was bidding for all 4 seats: 1-1-2-4 5 - all pass. Making 6. :)Yu
Restricted Choice - or not?
Or like my Israeli partner used to say - "more luck than brains". :)Yu
Restricted Choice - or not?
I still think that finesse is %, not because of the K, but because W would always play the 8 from Q87, but presumably only half the time from 987. But one does not argue with success. :)Yu

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