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Yifan Lin
Yifan Lin
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March 23, 2013
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Nov. 5, 2019
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Bridge Player
about me

Regard bidding as the most important and interesting part of bridge.

Appreciate scientific bidding structure and thoughtful judgement made by players.


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found bridge orgnazation with friends in school
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convetions that replace natural meaning of 2m、2NT、4m
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Bridge at the Cranmer Club, part 2
In my view the obvious lead after this auction for west is S4 or SA
Passed hand 2/1
Then what's the use of 1s-2h?
Yifan Lin's bidding problem: QJ9642 AK K72 A9
Nice analysis.And i invite you to vote in,making your answer perfect.
Yifan Lin's bidding problem: 3 QJ852 Q9 KJ765
You are right,3s should be forcing.(I forgot it on table since i have no experience playing system without 2/1 FG)But i don't think 3s promise a semi-solid suit.Opener's hand is the one in .Please make comment there ...
Yifan Lin's bidding problem: 6 Q872 AKT97 AT7
Just make a choice again,it will cover your original choice.
Double Trouble
About method a),changing the meaning of 3s and x coule be a better choice? And what's your preference for 3NT meaning?To play or both minor? Hope to learn from your explain.Best wishes.
Alfred Abel's bidding problem: KQJ87 K65 T76 J8
2m rebid,like jump new suit rebid by opener,kill too many spaces.So natural systems do have difficulty to handle.
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: J A9854 A9854 J4
I learned Vasilevsky convention from Marshall Miles' book ,it makes some sense here. 2c,transfer to 2d,then bid 2h.Show exactly this hand. Whether this hand worth to compete in is a more important question,but if you decide to come in,Vasi works well.
Yifan Lin's bidding problem: AT842 9 A AKJ542
My parterner's preempt is quite standard,won't go out of rule of 2/3/4.As your parterner open so aggresively,how do you handle 'standard' 3d open hands?Surely in 1/2 seat 3d can't have a wide range?
Yifan Lin's bidding problem: AT842 9 A AKJ542
‘regional standard match’ may not be a good exprss.I don't really know how to describe game environment since i am not an experienced player myself.It's an Chinese national open pair match,but no professional players in general.

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