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Yordan Boychev
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Lin Li's bidding problem: AKJT32 764 KJ 85
I prefer 5NT pick a slam, and then hopefully we can reach the right strain. If partner accepts a slam in hearts facing potentially a low doubleton, I am confident that it will be a reasonable countract. If not I will offer him the choice between spades and NT.
ATB, but I get the couch
North overbid a lot. South had a close decision whether to bid 5 or 6 and selected to bid slam.
Banished to the Couch
Natural invite for 3nt
Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: 2 AK75 --- KQJ97653
Jumps to a game contract are to play if this is remotely possible. An agreement that has saved me a lot of headaches.
Charles Blair's bidding problem: 2 A32 A32 765432
I double, but will not be shocked if they make it.
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: AKT53 Q2 AJ97 T6
3 and then 3NT over 3
Normand Houle's bidding problem: A T865432 754 AT
I would have opened 2
Schrödinger's Dummy Rights
Yes either play a card and accept the lead, or ask declarer to play from the right hand.
Where did East-West go wrong on this hand?
East might have just bid 3M with concentrated values in the majors (perhaps 3 to show equal length)
Ruling in Montreal
I think that passing on the first round is perfectly reasonable, however depending on the auction you should be able to come in later. Suppose it went 1 - p - 1NT. I am not sure that bidding 2 on a broken 5 card suit will have a lot of ...

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