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Yordan Boychev
Yordan Boychev
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Jan. 19, 2011
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Studying econometrics in Tilburg, the Netherlands.


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Jan Sohl, Ullrich Jahr, Joao Faria
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Selena Pepić's bidding problem: QJxx AQT98x AQx ---
I would have tried 3 or 3 last round, 3 consumes quite a lot of space.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: KJ95 AJ32 632 AT
They are not making overtricks and we could easily be +500. Easy double.
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: JT72 QJT62 J T76
One downside of bidding now is that if partner has a good hand he will be taking another call over 2 which may be -500 or worse.
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: AKQJ7 43 82 9752
Well if you have a balanced hand with no stop, you probably want to play 3NT anyway as 5m rates to go down. (assuming you are strong enough). So in any case you bid 3NT and partner will find out if you have a stopper when he sees dummy. And ...
Shailesh Gupta's bidding problem: Axxx Txxx x Jxxx
I bid 3 now, but not passing last round would never have occurred to me.
Alon Amsel's bidding problem: KJT8765 43 JT6 2
I could double with a defensive hand, so pass just says I don't have that. While my hand could be worse, I don't like my doubleton heart at all so I am not bidding on my own.
Elke Weber's bidding problem: --- A7 AKT6 QJT9543
Well, over 5 they would have a hard time discovering their spade fit.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: J84 AT932 A64 T7
2 is beyond horrible in my view, you have 2 aces and only 5 card suit so you don't want to encourage partner to save. Even 2X can be -500 when they have no game. Jxx KQJxx xxx xx at these colors and 2 would be ...
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: AT862 AJ7 A AKJ6
Can I just bid 3NT and then 5 as a general try?
Aviv Shahaf's lead problem: AJ63 T632 6 8542
Did partner really fail to overcall 1 on these cards?

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