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Yordan Boychev
Yordan Boychev
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Jan. 19, 2011
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Studying econometrics in Tilburg, the Netherlands.


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Jan Sohl, Ullrich Jahr, Joao Faria
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Why youth players are aggressive bidders
In the Dutch open championship, one pair went 8 down in 3 doubled for -2000. That was still good enough to win some IMPS when teammates bid and made 7NT.
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: AKT643 A9 --- QJ963
Partner can bid 4 to show club control, no need to go past 4.
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: AKT643 A9 --- QJ963
Pass, partner clearly denies club control.
Pete Marvin's lead problem: J7432 J75 982 96
Depends whether you agreed to lead high or low from small doubleton.
Tom Allan's bidding problem: KJ7 J97 Q AKQT43
A great example why double must be extras and not penalty.
Adam Meyerson's bidding problem: J52 AKQ8 A76 KQ2
the only way this makes sense is that partner has 7 or 8 hearts to the jack and some side card. If he has 0643 or similar he would be 4NT as Richard suggested.
Ronan Valentine's bidding problem: QJ654x AQ3 AJ3 7
Pass or 3NT depending on who my opponents are.
Paul D East's bidding problem: AQT73 AQT82 8 K3
Let's hope they will not double us.
Jenish Shah's lead problem: 85 A865 94 T9752
I would lead a low heart at IMPS, at MP I feel it is too speculative and might easily blow a trick.
Can you get to the best spot?
I would get to 3NT from South. 2S (9-12 6+ cards) -3NT

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