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Sept. 16, 2013
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Oct. 18
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Yu and Frank
Standard American
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Yu and other partners
Standard American
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Yu and Shirley
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Yu Chang's bidding problem: 6 AK83 AJT753 AK
Sorry, it was match point. I will fix this when I figure out how to do it.
Do you always use the stop card, even when the opponents are very unlikely to bid?
I am in ACBL. A lot of players leave the stop card on the table for 5-10 sec after they make the bid. I agree with some of the comments that leaving the card on the table is a distraction.
Take a risk for vul game or double for a certain positive score?
Here is the actual hand. {handviewer d=w&v=n&w=sj8hqt86dq73ca963&n=skq6ha743djt6ct87&e=s975432h2dk8542c4&s=sathkj95da9ckqj52&a=ppp1cp1h3n?} Sorry for the poor formatting, I do not know if there is a better way to do this. ---------KQ6 ---------A743 ---------JT6 ---------T87 J8----------------975432 QT86-------------2 Q73--------------K8542 A963-------------4 ---------AT ---------KJ95 ---------A9 ---------KQJ52 ...
Alertable or not?
Thanks for the detailed reply. This reminds me that we usually pass with 6-7 flat hand. XX usually shows 8+ balanced or 6-7 shapely hand such as 4441, or a hand with very bad 5-card suit.
What is needed to freebid after takeout?
This is an interesting method. Thanks for sharing. Using traditional approach, after RHO's 1S, I would think 3C is blocking.
Alertable or not?
Dave, since transfers are forcing bids, we play them with no upper limit. We do not XX with 12+ single suit hand. and you are right in that XX could have 5 card minor, such as 5332 bad 5-card suit hands.
Alertable or not?
@Max You stated the reason why I posted this. l am happy to alert but just want to make sure there is not going to be someone telling me XX should not be alerted in a real game. @Steve yes, we do alert the transfer bids. There is no question ...
Which is better as trump, 5-3 fit or 6-1 fit with semi-solid suit?
OK, I will bite, what is that called? And do not forget the 8, I feel KQJT85 is quite a bit better than KQJT65.
What is needed to freebid after takeout?
Kit, Thanks! I did not want to make such a strong point but I am happy to hear you said this. All three other players had bid, my bid must be based on shape (Month's point above), so I expect partner to proceed with this in mind. I would ...
Yu Chang's bidding problem: 32 KJ32 KQ32 AK2
This is getting a little side tracked, but it is an interesting issue. Suppose North opened 1NT and you are South holding QJTxxxx x xxx Qx, would you (1) transfer to 2S then bid 3S to invite or (2) texas transfer to 4S? Not going to ...
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