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Yu Chang's bidding problem: x xxxx KJxx AJxx
in this case, the partner has the style of invite less accept more.
Yu Chang's bidding problem: KQxxxx Kxx Kx xx
Actually, I was thinking to use 4SF as F1 only in this very specific sequence. 1D-1S; 2C-2H Similar issue exists when opener rebid his 6-card minor, such as: 1D-1S; 2D-? You have same issue to jump 3S with a not-so-great suit or not.
Yu Chang's bidding problem: KQxxxx Kxx Kx xx
Yes, I would. Jumping to 3S is risky if partner is singleton in spade. And I actually was leaning toward bidding 2H, even without adding any Jack. But there needs to be an agreement that in this particular sequence, 2H is forcing 1 round, not forcing to game.
Yu Chang's bidding problem: KQxxxx Kxx Kx xx
When I put down KQxxxx, those are meaningless small cards. Thus it is more likely to be KQ5432, not KQ9876, not KQT432 either. Does this mean you will bid 2S?
Yu Chang's bidding problem: Q9xx AKQxx x JTx
Hi Dave, It seems I should have asked just 1 question. Can you clarify you would bid with this hand or you would bid with spades and diamonds switched? Thanks.
Yu Chang's bidding problem: AKJx KQ9xx Kxx A
thanks for the example and explaination. As for me, I would never open 2NT with 54 majors myself. If I have to give a hand example, it would be KQJx xxxxx AK AK. basically, I treat the majors as 44.
Yu Chang's bidding problem: AKJx KQ9xx Kxx A
would you give us an example hand that you would open 2NT with 54/45 majors. thanks.
A few Walsh Questions...
@Gordon @Ed Thanks. @Leonard Thanks. About your point on opening 1C with 44 minors, I do open 1C when I have suitable hand, such as when my 4xC suit is much better than my 4xD suit. I do not worry about missing D fit since partner could respond 1D if ...
A few Walsh Questions...
@Phil 1. I only play Walsh after 1C-1D. I thought most players follow that. I dislike missing 44 spade fit when responder has 44 Majors and weak hand. 2. With 4234 shape, I have no issue if opener choose either way. But I will never bid 1NT with (5422) shape ...
How good a 1651 hand needs to be to do 2 over 1 game force?
well said.
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