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Yuan Shen
Yuan Shen
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June 1, 2011
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about me

Believe that an opening bid opposite an opening bid should have some play for 1NT.

Wish I could play more bridge.


Redoubled contracts made: 1C, 1D, 1H, 2D, 2S, 3S, 3NT, 4H, 4S, 4NT, 5C, 5D, 5H, 6C, 6D, 6H, 6S

Redoubled contract gone down in: 2C, 2NT, 4H, 4S, 5C, 5D, 5H, 5S, 6D, 6S

United Kingdom

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Nationals! Chicago Winterfest
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Takeout or penalty
Up to 4 in my opinion. 1N and balancer both have 2.
Mark Benson's bidding problem: AK62 AJ4 8 KQ543
I think I have the wrong pointed ace to bump (p will often be void here in spades). Nothing too surprising about my hand. xxxx xxx A <-- now that's a surprise AKQxx
Simplified Turbo
I think your two comments are related. Opposite a likely 5-6 hand (at the 3 bid, this is very likely), 3-1-5-4 and 2-2-5-4 are very different beasts. Disparity matters a lot opposite a two-suiter. x Axxxx Q AKQ10xx K10 xx AKxxx J98x 1C - 1S 2H - 3C 3H - 3S 4D ...
Simplified Turbo
(1) suggestion x Axxxx Q AKQ10xx K10x x Axxxx J98x 1C - 1S 2H - 3C 3H - 3S 4D[3] - 4H 4N[Q] - 6C (2) suggestion x Axxxx Q AKQ10xx Q10x x Axxxx J98x 1C - 1S 2H - 3C (enough to GF still) 3H - 4D (1; possibly 5C to signoff, but it's ...
Simplified Turbo
Paulo, yup I think you're right in this example. I guess this was a somewhat special case which depended on Turbo starting at the cheap level of 4D (so that 4N was available as the first queen-show).
Simplified Turbo
Here are some examples I excluded. I am not suggesting the following auctions show good judgment, merely that the suggested Turbo rules (in particular NT=Q) are sensible, and easy-to-remember. This was a recent bidding box hand, that my p and I tried (going from memory): x Axxxx Q AKQ10xx ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AQ732 Q AKJ42 KJ
2 = clubs and clubs (opening values+) 2 = 5+diamonds and 4+hearts (often 5-5 when vulnerable) 2 = 5+earts and 4+spades (ditto) 2 = weak spades and spades 2NT = strong 5+hearts and 5+another 3 = weak clubs and clubs.
Tolerance Bids and FNJs
More basic, 1C 1M P 2M P P 2N = diamonds with club tolerance (likely 5-3) 1D 1M P 2M P P 2N=clubs with diamond tolerance; 3C=just clubs.
“Virtually Every Expert Pair Plays [Insert Convention or Treatment Here]...”
Not much to add, but I reckon 5NT pick a slam should be there.
Do defensive beers count if diamonds are trumps?
A reasonable (and simple) compromise is that diamonds as trumps count when the contract is game-or-higher or doubled or redoubled (or, not xor).

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