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Yuval Yener
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Aug. 18, 2015
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Junior Pairs world champion 2003
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ATB - Goulash hand went wrong
Thanks all for voting, this hand was actually taken from the Israeli premier league (i should've probably stated it's "Goulash", or "Goulash-like") , round 3, board 11. You can see the scores for this hand (and all others) here: ...
ATB - Goulash hand went wrong
Sorry about it, guess i'm still technically challenged. But hey, at least i was able to use the suit symbols correctly :)
XYZ players - what meaning do you give for those sequences
The 2nd sequence was actually divided to 2 - What does 3 means. What does 4 means. Regarding 4, the "classic" view of XYZ states that bidding a game after initiating an invitation should be slam invitation (such as 1-1-1NT-2-2-3NT ) , so i guess it ...
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: A82 93 AT972 A83
Thanks all for voting, Like the majority of the voters, I choose Pass. Partner's hand was: XX AXX JX KQXXXX So theoretically we missed a vulnerable game. Alas, at the table W came to the rescue with 2, partner bids 3 and now it was easy for ...
Bitterman and Bendure Win Wernher
That's "AVI" Kalish, not "Aba". "Aba" means "Father" in Hebrew. Persumably, Avi Kalish is also an "Aba" in real life, yet his first name remains the same. moreover, His partner's surname is "Orenstein" Avi Kalish: Eitan Orenstein: ...
ATB -620 instead of +620
W can see a laydown game going against a sub-minimum hand from East such as AQXX X XXXX AXXX (against which 4H is making or down 1 at best). East didn't have anything more than what he already showed with the X. Easy 100% West.
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Where can i find the Spingold's seeding and rosters? or is it too early?
Lose Final B to Garomov with me
Good call regarding the splinter, Even though i can very well see myself bid 4 in respond with, say: AXXX QXXX KQX QJ while 6 seem to be a reasonable spot.
Lose Final B to Garomov with me
that's correct, i've felt the tempo of play from East suggest that 's are 4-2, howevera good player would surely play K in tempo from the K9 remaining.
Lose Final B to Garomov with me
correct, I tried to fix it but for some reasons it won't let me fix the headliner. My Appologies for Andrey, of course.
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