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Yves Lefebvre
Yves Lefebvre
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March 25, 2012
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Ranking in France : 1ère série Pique (equivalent to Emerald Life Master in ACBL ranking)


Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
I won the annual CBOME Pairs Championship in 2012
Regular Bridge Partners
François Terrié ; Pascal Chalibert
Favorite Tournaments
national pairs DN3 and teams DN4 ; CBOME
Favorite Conventions
I play the SPITFIRE system with Pascal Chalibert : basis is mini no trump in 1st 2nd and 3rd pos N.V. and trf responses over 1C opening
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: QT93 QJ9 A874 J3
At the table, i knew i had to double 4H i was unhappy to get a probable +100 (less than +140) Then, i was rather tempted to bid 4S hoping to score 620 My opps could have defeated 4S... but failed :) Most of the pairs won 4S The par was ...
Alan Frank's bidding problem: x Tx K9xxx KQTxx
5D :) A bet for -500 against -620. I'm rather confident that in this situation the 4D bid shows a two-suiter with probably good Diamonds (and Hearts aren't much pretty because didn't open 3H) Anyway, it would be better to have discussed this situation before ;-)
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: KJx QJTxxx x Kxx
Now I pass ! I reject a 2H opening again and again :) (still too many values outside the long suit and too many spades... with 2 honours)
Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: AK654 73 T3 KQT5
With my regular partner, we practice light openings (we open 1M with most 11 hcp hands) Then, we consider this hand is not a bare minimum With this hand, we bid 3S to tell partner that game is still possible ("Partner, look at your hand with attention, 4S could be ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AT3 QJ9876 4 KT5
There are several unfavourable factors for a 2H opening: - 2 defensive tricks - 7 points out of ten outside the long colour - the heart colour is not headed by the ace or the king - the 3-card spade suit with 2 honours - a big ten hcp which is nearly a 11 count ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AT3 QJ9876 4 KT5
1H every day the 2 tens and the heart spots are worth 1 point i checked this hand with the Kaplan and Rubens hand evaluator (knr): K&R (ATx QJ9876 x KTx) = 11.50
Melanie Manfield's bidding problem: 875 KJ52 AK5 J98
I pass without fear Then, i have checked the value of this hand with the Kaplan and Rubens hand evaluator (knr): K&R (xxx KJxx AKx J98) = 10.90 !!! So the pass is clearly a winning option :)
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: AKJ75 AJ5 A3 T72
Double ! This hand is too strong for 2S (imho) Run the Kaplan and Rubens hand evaluator (knr) Type the hand: K&R (AKJxx AJx Ax Txx) = 18.20
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: K96 KT KJT98 984
When South bids 2S, his opening is consequently in a second zone: 14+ to 17 and describes a 5/5. I' m not surprised by the hand you mentioned :)
Paddy Murphy's bidding problem: A98 AT98 964 AT9
anybody anywhere "should" open this hand... run the Kaplan and Rubens hand evaluator (knr) K&R (A98 AT98 xxx AT9) = 13.85

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