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Yves Lefebvre
Yves Lefebvre
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March 25, 2012
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Aug. 23
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Ranking in France : 1ère série Pique (equivalent to Emerald Life Master in ACBL ranking)

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Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: QJx xxxx Jx Kxxx
this french poll has been quoted now (by Bessis and Co) : 4 = 10 :) 3 = 8 4 = 6 3 = 4 XX = 3 2 = 2
Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: QJx xxxx Jx Kxxx
Question to those who bid 2 or 3 (or 3 or 4) : your bid is tactical, isn't it ? what action do you expect from opps ? what is your plan ?
Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: QJx xxxx Jx Kxxx
I'm very surprised there are so few 4 bids... Don't you think the probability of making 4 is at least 50% (despite the double) ? (nota: 2 guarantees 5/5 - at least - in the black suits) And it seems opps could make 4 (but not ...
Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: K63 J986 AKQ2 87
my part chose 5 Spades and i passed with : AQJT974 Q4 8 A62 contract : 5S =
Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: K63 J986 AKQ2 87
N got such a nice 7-card suit : AQJT974 Is the auction still impossible ? Void in South with a 5-1 trump split is one loser :)
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: 9 AJ83 KJ943 AK7
in France, it's an easy 2D rebid (11-16 hcp)
What does a pre-balancer have in your opinion?
Can't be 5S ! suicidal at these colours (LHO is unlimited) And doesn't look like a pre-bal situation either with 6S ... Should be exactly 4 Spades with 4=1=5=3 or 4S/6D (constructive, at least 12/13 HCP). And I wd X with 4S/4+C
Adam Kaplan's bidding problem: --- AKJT5 AKQ64 A82
I'll try to describe this monster : 4D - 4S expected, 5H - 5S maybe, 6C to show Gd Slam interest in my suits (i wd bid 5NT instead only with a spade singleton) I'm an optimist and i hope my p has one of the two cards i need (DJ ...
Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: QJ9863 Q98 8 K75
A friend said : the most important thing is that you know 95% of the field will open 2S (it was a federal competition in France - like a Regional flight A) The result of this poll in France was 80% for 2S - 20% for Pass Pass led to a very bad ...
Yordan Boychev's bidding problem: Q xxx ATxx AKQJx
Actually I wd have op 1NT
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