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Yvonne Linda
Yvonne Linda
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Sept. 18, 2014
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Sept. 13, 2019
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Bridge Player
about me

Favorit Bridgebooks: 

How the Experts win at Bridge by Burt Hall & Lyn Rose-Hall/Countdown to Winning Bridge by Tim Bourke & Marc Smith/Dormer on Deduction by Albert Dormer 


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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Vanderbilt Round of 32 Vugraph matches
I would love to see Cayne vs Cayne :) (Cayne vs Verbeek)
Partnership understandings 2
I play it as GF 5 card without stopper
ATB 3/3 fit
I read 3 as showing values in on the way to 3N. North, if happy with his stopper can bid 3N and, if not, he can bid again. North shouldn't worry about his singleton since South bid them.
Bridge Anecdotes
Maybe but if so, they didn't find it ;)
Interesting hands from WBG
Make that +2.Even in Spanish I will understand :)
What's Trump?
I play that 3H sets hearts and that if hearts is set, 3S is a non serious slam try for hearts. This allows us to show difference ranges by both opener and responder plus there is no ambiguity over what the trump suit is.
A Very Unusual 2NT Question
Michael, is it now better to follow? I changed it a bit, all for you
A Very Unusual 2NT Question
I think you can play it as 6 and either 4 or 4. Since 1 can be on only 3 cards, we could still easily belong in clubs. Partner can bid 3 as in pass or correct. Without 4 but 4 the 2N-bidder ...
Press release: Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz embark on an international legal battle to clear their names
If they found guilty they can only hope that no members of other sponsorteams sue them for missing income ...

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