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Zach Grossack
Zach Grossack
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March 22, 2012
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Recent college grad currently calling NYC home

bridge professional

has trouble with finesses 

ACBLs Youngest GrandLifeMaster


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My First National Win
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 0-5000 LM's, Silver in China 2012, Gold in Atlanta 2013, 2nd in Silidor Pairs 2014, 1st and NABC+ Fast Pairs 2014, 3rd in Silodors in 2015, winner GNT open 2016, winner silodors 2017
Regular Bridge Partners
Michael Rosenberg, Adam Grossack
Favorite Tournaments
Junior team championships!
Favorite Conventions
Flannery, penalty doubles of 1nt
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Grand Life Master
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Anti cheating committee
I commend the efforts. People should remember these are private, invitational events without sanctions and master points. I think it’s great to have people paying attention and monitoring the game
No Open World Championships Until 2024?
I so agree with Christina. The Open championships is a chance for everyone to compete in the highest form for all categories. I also see no reason why the wbf has any vested interest in skipping these open championships - aren’t they the most attended!? I hope there’s still ...
Kevin Rosenberg's bidding problem: QT8x Q98 KJTxx x
Idk seems like I can just make them make a decision they don’t want to make
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: 75 K6 Q8754 J975
i know im gonna be in the minority but it has to be good odds on pass if I'm not bidding 3NT (looks too slow but second choice for sure)
Columbus Hotel Cancellation and ACBL response
Imo - it’s someone’s decision to not go, and someone’s decision to cancel their hotel room. Expecting the money back when the tournament hasn’t been cancelled seems a bit far.
Discord channel?
I know there’s an r/bridge already set up and at least partially active
Adam Kaplan's bidding problem: 3 A9652 KJ7642 A
I would have bid 6D the first time - partner showed interest with their 4NT bid and righty lead directed clubs.
Kevin Rosenberg's bidding problem: K Jxxx AQ T98xxx
I pass and lose my 7. Too many ways bidding 3NT can be wrong and I’m NV at imps. I really don’t care for 3H - I can see how it works like getting 3NT from the other side so the other guy leads away from the Ace of ...
Harrison Luba's bidding problem: AKQ8xx --- xx KJT7x
5H then 6C. Too easy to bid grand and I think unlikely partner is gunna hang me by bidding on with the “wrong hand” - they shouldn’t like their hand enough probably with any sort of heart wastage.
Congrats on a well fought win!

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