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Zahari Zahariev
Zahari Zahariev
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Sept. 25, 2015
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April 1
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Bridge Pro
about me

Professional player, teacher and mentor.


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Former Bulgarian national, bronze medalist from 6th European (Ostende)
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Angel Vanchev; Netsy Sayer
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Zahari Zahariev's bidding problem: 4 AK AQ862 AQJ73
I'm sorry - here S/T means Slam Try indeed.
European Open Championships 2019
Anyway, visiting or not OEC (in case of replacing Croatia with Turkey) is a private decision of every player. I just wanted to share a personal experience. See you there, no matter where it will be :)
European Open Championships 2019
Nedju, as a bridge player visiting Turkey every year (for playing bridge, of course) I can confirm that situation in Turkey is not a problem for bridge events at all. Don't forget Antalya OEC in 2017, which was a great one from each point of view - as venue, accommodation ...
Winston Chang's bidding problem: Q986 KJT86 A5 AT
4 (FG with own suit ). But if you insist, you may switch 3 and 4. Once you play Ghestem, there are mandatory agreements that you have to set.
Antonio Cocco's bidding problem: AQT93 Q865 754 9
23+ doesn't come very often but it seems that we have one here. Leave 2NT available for partner and you can investigate 6/7 //NT,
Winston Chang's bidding problem: Q986 KJT86 A5 AT
Assuming that 2NT means +, I would start with 3 to support hearts (3 would support clubs). Then 5 over 5 and eventually a double if they decide to compete 6...
Jenish Shah's bidding problem: KQ2 A86 K7 QT742
I would bid 2 over 1. I don't like the suit and I hate the distribution as well, but you can't win the hand by leaving them to play 2, even if East has only two cards support. Give partner a regular 10xx, Qx, Q10xx ...
Avon Wilsmore's lead problem: T72 T754 754 T73
It's a lottery.
Kursat Ozsahin's bidding problem: A987 T654 QJ65 K
Nice convention. Be ready to meet the same opening somewhere in the end of 2029.
Andrew Yeckel's bidding problem: 53 A AKQ2 AKQ852
4NT, followed by 6CL, whatever partner says. I would like to give a chance to the grand.
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