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Zhivko Draganov
Zhivko Draganov
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Oct. 31, 2015
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March 15
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm a bridge player, coach of Bulgaria U21 and U26 teams, software engineer and entrepreneur. Contact me for tournaments, coaching or business.


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Bulgarian Open team, U26 and U21 teams, National Champion
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Grozio Donev
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Meckwell leaving NICKELL
I do not see a problem in that. There is a scenario where the federation cannot afford a national team.
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: QJT9 82 AT532 75
I prefer to pass and there are 3 reasons for that: 1) There is actually the possibility that opponents have spade fit, so there still have the option to know that there are only 2 missing controls (without having information about the Q of spades), so there is the possibility ...
What is 4!H?
OK, so it might be called 11-14, adjusted as 15-17. My basic idea is to free the 3 bid from hands containing 4 and GF. This will make the bidding easier with minor orientated opener hands.
What is 4!H?
Not really. With 11-14 I can bid 2, so my idea is that 4 is less than 2nd point zone, but with hand that opposite 8-10 points and 4 wants to be on game. Something like Axxx x AJTxxx Kx
What is 4!H?
I think that partner with balanced hand (4324) w/o heart stopper, might not bid 4. As we are in GF auction, I expect partner to bid 4 with that hand = no other bid. For me, it will be easier if 3 denies 4, as double ...
David Corn's bidding problem: KQT64 Q Q AQT753
double = shortness in , bid = A or K in non-minimum, pass non minimum without diamond control, 4 any minimum w/o short (precision club 1 opening so 10-15HCP)

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