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Zhouji Wang
Zhouji Wang
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March 20, 2015
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Jan. 15, 2016
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Bridge Player
about me

Young player in China

Computer bridge fan, interested in simulation and AI designs

Weird Bidder


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Runners-up of 2015 China U25
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Kaplan Inversion——Sorry Steve!
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A different approach on B-Z bidding gap issue
I think there is some misunderstanding here. If someone is cheating, do we have to disclose their full method to prove guilty? No, we don't. Since B-Z use 3 ways to bid(small, normal, large gaps), so if they are innocent they are doing it unconsciously, and it will ...
Coughing to be a Millionaire
That's 14 years old, instead of 2:) The video is recorded in September 2001 and went public in 2003. I was living in England at that time——quite shocked then.
K.Jassem's voice in Balicki-Żmudzinski case
I think in very competitive auctions the gap indicates more about the holding in opponent's suit rather than general strength, so the original hypothesis is not very accurate.
Can any pair stop in 3NT
Gawrys and Klukowski also stopped at 3NT.
Captains meeting
The carryover has an upper limit of 16IMPs over a 96-board match.
Wednesday RR10 Bd 22: Where Was XYZ?
But neither will 3 do that job.
How to evaluate AKQ opposite a spinter
It's no good news, but much better than KQx. At least you already know that it is not a good combination before partner's splinter.
Credential committee´s decision
Have found the point in the video after reading the discussions:) I'm pretty convinced but also astonished that even though their bidding is still below the field.
Balicki: Open Your Eyes!
I don't see how we can conclude anything from this. Many people makes these kind of mistakes due to different reasons, but it don't mean that they are cheaters. Anyway it is a private discussion for fun so simply making up a story for that isn't a ...
It is time to stop to speak improperly about Italy and Italians
The sad truth is that we don't know what happened at the table unless the given the full hand record. For a version of the story on this hand(The Italian version?) I have heard of, the auction is VERY different: opener and responder are reversed so it went ...
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