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Zhuo Wang
Zhuo Wang
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July 22, 2011
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May 10
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Bridge Player
about me

Postdoctoral Researcher at NYU

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2010, 2011 NABC Collegiate Champion / 2010 U21 USA2 / 2012, 2014 U26 USA2 / 2016 5k-spingold
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Zizhuo Wang, Kendrick Chow, Erli Zhou, James Sundstrom
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Erli - Zhuo
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Congratulations Greg Lawler
Congratulations Greg!
Improving the Seeding Process
There is a divide-and-conquer version of this. The #1 seed first pick #2, which is the last team they want to face. Then they start selecting teams for their opponent until the whole filed is divided into two halves. E.g. #1 pick #3 for the other half and #2 ...
seems scientific and reasonable!
How much change would we tolerate to eliminate (probably) illicit communication in major teams events?
I guess you withdraw from the 4th quarter
Polish premier league semifinal 2015 featuring Fisher and Schwartz
Ross - I agree with what you have observed. This may (or may not) be a pattern for passing illegal information. But it's not part of Magnus's initial comment in the link below, which is consistent with many boards for the EBTC matches ...
Polish premier league semifinal 2015 featuring Fisher and Schwartz
Agree with all the facts stated here. Just for those who wants to check the video themselves, F-S were declaring board 1-9,11 in this set. So just follow the time stamp posted above if you are only interested in the lead.
Polish premier league semifinal 2015 featuring Fisher and Schwartz
I think this set (first youtube link) is less convincing than the ETBC ones. Board 1,2,3,6,8,10,11 F-S declaring so I didn't carefully look at them. Board 4(29.00) against 1-1-1NT by LHO (polish club so essentially a blind 1NT), Fisher ...
Averting Disaster as Advancer After a 2-Suited Overcall
Can we vote for two options? I think option 1+2 are a pair and 3+4 are a pair.
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades This is the link for Boye's comment you are looking for.
Spingold Survey
KZ: we don't have an objective definition of "normal" for actions by F-S. You would rely on the poll results first to determine which actions by F-S are normal, which are not. You cannot later use this criterion to determine which boards are control, which are not.

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