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Oct. 12, 2015
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Wrong information?
We (here at BW) agree that there was no "formal agreement" for this case. TD was focused on South. And wanted to see nonexistent paper with "agreement". In this sense North is irrelevant. Only the South was under investigation. Because West was declarer, and heard only S's information.
Wrong information?
Of course, he heard pd's explanation when all was over. Not during the bidding process. :) For solution of the problem he was irrelevant player. He didn't communicate with West.
Wrong information?
That's how South (not North) explained own similar double 15 minutes earlier.
Wrong information?
A moment ago (on the other side of screen) North explained to East something like: I have points, but no both majors; that's why my Dbl is delayed. And East then bid 3NT.
Wrong information?
That particular situation was not discussed. But in different situations; after bidding two suits - Dbl shows the remaining two. Typical situations: 1 - (1) - Dbl (= minors). (1) - P - (1) - Dbl (= + ). (1) - P - (1) - Dbl (= majors). Of course, that is not the same; but ...
Wrong information?
In both cases: South did give explanations to West. There's one thing that can be pointed out. West complained cca 10 minutes after completion of the team competition. (Having compared the result with his team. By the way, at the other table the contract was the same, and there ...
Wrong information?
The truth is that it was NEVER discussed such sequence.
Wrong information?
North started: A, Q, J. West won 3rd club, came to table with and played low to K. North won with A, played 4th club, and to table. West played Q (2 small spades gave to clubs.) South put King on Q, West won, cashed J, and played ...
Vanderbilt R16 Matches
4 vs 13
Zoran Zoric's lead problem: 7543 QT964 6 K75
The best, post-mortem, comment I got from one world class player (but - because it was private message, i'll not give his/her name). „Hard luck in the bridge. Cruel game, diamond lead very reasonable, could even be best. I feel the trump should beat it when it can be ...
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