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Zygmunt Marcinski
Zygmunt Marcinski
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June 26, 2011
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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introduction to bridge on my father's lap
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CNTC winner
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Bryan Maksymetz, Nicolas l'Ecuyer
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Summer NABC
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Gold Life Master
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A known motive?
@ David - I would suggest that you would be wrong to feel at all abashed and instead should stick to your guns: (A) "motive" connotes "motif" only in the context of art, literature, and music, hence (B) @ Andy B has indulged himself in polemically over-stretching in his defence of the post ...
A known motive?
@ David - the answer is perhaps even more prosaic than the somewhat more literate yet broader net of the English "motif": the Polish "motyw" translates directly and simply to the English "theme" [rather than the similar-sounding and doubtless etymologically similar "motive"].
Can you preemp and then bid again?
"I think that double is indicated" If I were on opening lead, then I would concur that the plurality of today's expert community would ascribe to such a X by a preemptor a "I have a peculiar hand with extra shape/offence and wish to bid again" interpretation (N ...
Where is the Quantitative bid here?
The key to this Pandora's Box is the interpretation of Responder's 4m 9i.e. the "raise", not the unbid m). If (A) natural and NF, then indeed you have a dilemma, losing either BWood or strength-definition in 3N. But if (B) natural and GF+, then you can comfortably ...
The Price of Information
Han, A very interesting read - and I applaud your enterprise at trailblazing a debate that to my knowledge has heretofore attracted considerable instinctive opinions and bromides but nothing remotely as structured as your approach. In the last paragraph of your section entitled "The price of bidding Stayman" you state "Knowing ...
How Good Will Your 2017 Be?
@ Kit Your articulation of the "psychological" interpretation of East's position is both admirable and a propos. As soon as the premise of my first paragraph is unclear (i.e. there is not insignificant doubt in East's mind as to whether or not this particular South would accept the ...
How Good Will Your 2017 Be?
@ Paolo Thank you. I fully concur with your remarks as to both (g) and (i), and now stand corrected (and somewhat chastened) as to my conclusion that Oren had "played mildly against the odds".
How Good Will Your 2017 Be?
Is it really SO clear that East's defence points to the K in his hand? You suggest that East does not know whether the closed hand holds Axx or Kxx. Would the closed hand have accepted the 3 invitation with AKQx / Kxxx / 98 / K(9)x by now ...
How Good Will Your 2017 Be?
@ Oren Nice hand to start off the New Year with. I found of particular interest the winning guess in 's: (a) at the prevailing colours one can quite safely exclude 1=2=7(+)=3 from West's possible shapes (b) you don't indicate whether the opponents' methods would ...
How Good Will Your 2017 Be?
@ Benoit - may I suggest that you meant to say that "in 2017 I hope that I come up smelling like roses from all of my accidents - with a case in point this one at the New Year''s Charleston Regional where I inadvertently spilled onto the table as my opening ...

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