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Zygmunt Marcinski
Zygmunt Marcinski
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June 26, 2011
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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introduction to bridge on my father's lap
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CNTC winner
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Bryan Maksymetz, Nicolas l'Ecuyer
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Summer NABC
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Gold Life Master
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Monday morning quarterbacking
@ Satthya: I too was referring only to East's choice of at Trick 2. My point was that both (A) Andy's observation that the defence could prevail even if declarer had guessed to insert the T as well as (B) your assertion that East's actual selection of ...
Monday morning quarterbacking
Well, unlike us viewers and "Monday morning quarterbacks" Multon was not blessed with the knowledge that Zimmerman's trump holding would permit a trump switch from West without blowing what surely must be assumed to the defence's setting trick. After all, why couldn't declarer's 's be ...
Monday morning quarterbacking
Thank you for your diligent effort in posting a description and analysis of one of the most fascinating hands that I've witnessed on BBO, featuring three sequential challenging hurdles for inferential thinking on defence as well as declarer's optimal (for the reasons you suggest) "last gasp" effort to ...
How many spades partner has?
RR: Of course. But the significance of my remarks is in the area of negative inference in trying to deduce an answer to Adriano's original question, namely what Advancer is likely have for his 4th round 4 call (assuming that he wasn't't asleep at the switch ...
Carruthers and Roche Win LM Pairs
Bravo JC and Piggy! Must have "made the cards dance" all day yesterday.
How many spades partner has?
Eugene, You are correct of course that I misspoke when I used the term ""fit-showing" 3 JUMLP'. On the other hand, this auction is one that has not just one but two ingredients [namely (A) he's a passed hand that neither had the strength to open nor preempt ...
How many spades partner has?
Antonio, Although I guessed [see upthread] your partner's 6=4=3=0 distribution, in my view the example hand I tabled [JTxxxx / KT9x / Qxx / - ] is considerably better than what your partner actually held. Although neither hand's 4 call comes with any guarantees, I suggest that my example ...
How many spades partner has?
Such magnificent trumps are not only self-evident support but strongly suggestive (since I have and overcaller-partner doesn't) that partner must have an excellent hand since he volunteered a 2 bid in a very dangerous tactical position likely with neither a particularly strong suit nor a lead-directing objective (why ...
How many spades partner has?
@ Marc: Even if I didn't overcall 1 on your example hand [as it happens my preferred agreed-upon partnership style would suggest that like you and unlike Richard we would not do so at these colours and position], I would NOT dream of committing our side to a choice ...
(1D)--P--(2D)--?? range fine-tuning poll
OK - that clarification gets me off the fence and swings me towards the aggressive end of the spectrum

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