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Zygmunt Marcinski
Zygmunt Marcinski
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June 26, 2011
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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introduction to bridge on my father's lap
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CNTC winner
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Bryan Maksymetz, Nicolas l'Ecuyer
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Summer NABC
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Gold Life Master
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What is the weaker call?
David, At first blush that strikes me as an entirely sensible agreement, particularly in this 's over 's situation (there might even be case for the meaning to be nuanced as a function of vulnerability). In the heat of battle do you and Anne manage to systematically alert ...
@ Larry: you don't necessarily have below 5m KC available on all auctions. One can either agree to always have KC available in preference to a regressive 4N or the other way around. My vote would be for the other way around on the grounds that the value of limiting ...
@ Frances: that's a very sensible and cost-free improvement to the 5NT idea that I first noted perhaps a dozen years ago - and particularly easy to remember for Kickback aficionados!
@ Allan: "particularly a grand". If Qbidding propels you past the usual KC yet reveals the possibility of a grand slam, some leading European pairs have a simple yet elegant solution: in such unusual circumstances they interpreted 5N as a delayed KC inquiry.
@ Craig: to reduce if not entirely solve this ambiguity it is not uncommon (in these parts at least) to assign to the 2 - 2 // 3M sequences the meaning of "4M + longer (usually 6+) 's in an unbalanced hand pattern". I concede in advance that the OP gives ...
@ Andy: with such primary support for 's one can guess to suppress the moth-eaten (albeit 6-card) suit and instead essay a 4 splinter over 3 - ergo 2 - 2 // 3 - 4 // 4 - probably 5 to deny a Qbid or other ...
@ David B: try as I might I am unable to construct two hands that are consistent with both Responder's actions thru 4 [working backwards: (A) his 4 confirmed values, including fit of course, sufficient to warrant slam investigation, (B) his 3 showed 5+'s (and ...
@ Allan: (1) I should think so - and even if he held that hand, particularly if he's 2=3 or 3=2 in the red suits, he might just have passed 3N with such poor slam values (2) a matter of agreement, absent which my guess would be a splinter ...
Assign the blame missed slam - 2
@ David L: "I didn't see mentioned the possibility of East's bidding 3♦ instead of 3N." For the record, that is exactly what I was intimating when I stated upthread "although I'm also not in the least a fan of East's space-consuming 3N bid holding a 2-way ...
Assign the blame missed slam - 2
@ Kamel: for reasons stated upthread, on this particular West hand I'm not a fan of a 2 FSJ. No, I suggest that the actual auction was OK (although I'm also not in the least a fan of East's space-consuming 3N bid holding a 2-way single stopper ...

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