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2019 Roth Open Swiss
Friday, July 26—Sunday, July 28
Session Times
1:00 PM and 7:30 PM Fri & Sat; 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM Sun
Gracia Ballroom, 3rd floor
Conditions of Contest
$60.00 per person (per day), with a $40.00 surcharge on days with screens.

The Roth Open Swiss Teams is named in honor ACBL Hall-of-Famer Al Roth. The nationally rated event was first held in 2005. Al Roth (1914-2007) is generally considered the premier bidding theorist of his bridge generation, perhaps of all time. He and longtime partner Tobias Stone are credited with developing the negative double, the unusual notrump, 1NT forcing and the weak two-bid. Roth, an ACBL Grand Life Master with more than 12,000 masterpoints, won 26 national titles, including the Spingold five times, the Vanderbilt three times and the Reisinger twice.

Day 1 is a two-session qualifier, day 2 is a two-session semifinal, and day 3 is a two-session final.

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5 teams registered

Robert Hollman, Bruce Ferguson, Nagy R Kamel, Dan E Morse, Roald Ramer, and Jan Van Cleeff
Daniel G Boye, Meyer Kotkin, Patricia Dovell, and Richard Reitman
Barry Margolin, Mila Antonova, Mary Vickers, and Jared Boulds
Robert Cappelli, Bob Katz, Robert Bitterman, Mark Bendure, Barry Bragin, and Brad Theurer
Michael Bodell, Alan Malloy, Jennifer Gu, and Jason Rosenfeld

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