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Alvin Levy
Alvin Levy
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A 'rocket' scientist in my previous life, working for Northrop Grumman on Long Island for 33 years after receiving PhD from Columbia University. During that time also taught, lectured, invented, consulted, authored nearly 100 refereed publications, on loan for one year to NASA as a visiting scholar and a short time to Cambridge University, England, as a visiting professor.  Retired in 1998 soon after being elected to the ACBL Board of Directors, representing NYC and Long Island (District 24).

Unit Board member (Nassau-Suffolk Bridge Association) and District Board member for as long as I can remember...maybe 40 years.  Past President and Tournament Chair.  ACBL Board of Directors, 1996-2019 (leaving after 24 years), President 2003; WBF Executive Council 2004-2022, currently 1st VP and Technology Committee chair.  On the ACBL I served as chair of the online-bridge committee (serving officially and unofficially since 1997 when I established the committee).  Trustee of ACBL 401(k) since 1999-2019.

Originated the World Computer-Bridge Championship in 1997 and have run it annually at a major human championship ever since.  See the official website which I maintain, Many published articles on bridge-bot play.

With an eye toward promoting bridge, I published a page of bridge links, titled 'explore the world of bridge on the Internet’ at See the June 2012 Bridge Bulletin and previous Bridge Winners article, Log on for Bridge June, 2012 ACBL Bridge Bulletin

Member of ACBL Laws Commission and WBF Laws Committee.

Editor (chair of the drafting committee) of the Laws of Rubber Bridge 2014 in collaboration with the Portland Club.



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