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Daniel Vikor
Daniel Vikor
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New regular partner: Laci Honti, our target is to challenge the best pairs of the world.

Assets: excellent carding and a supersystem, which is a way ahead of the worlds "best" systems at the moment, full of new developments of mine.


World class, pro bridge player, teacher, coach

Author, leader of homepage, one of the largest online bridge communities in Europe.

Author of a complete beginner's bridge teaching method with the book "Bridge School of Dani Vikor" 


Winner of more, than 100 tournaments in Middle Europe.


Founder of IDM Fairness Club a world class innovation for smart players. 


Some own developments: Twins for 2/1 relay, Fanni for forcing situations, VS preferred honor asking relay and solutions for artificial doubled solutions.

We also have a lot of interesting hand histories in the restricted expert area, together more, than 60 articles. 

We have a high level article to almost every important bridge question.

A tip: You should browse under the menu button of your level to read the introductions of articles.

You will find a lot of new things for sure. If you like our homepage, please share it with your friends!


Player record:


    • I play bridge in grand master level since 1982.  


    • I won more than 100 big international tournaments in middle-Europa during my career.


    • I won several Hungarian Championships,


    • I won 6 national championship medals in Austria and I am 2 times Austrian Champion.


    • Between 2008-2011 I played in the Italian premier league, I won bronze medal in 2010 behind Angellini and Lavazza.


    • I coached and still support the  Hungarian Juniors Team


    • I am Omaha Poker European Champion in 2008 and Texas Hold'em Hungarian Master, 2006.


    • I am well known of my fair play and kindness, and I shared the idea of establishing a world wide fairness club (IDM Fairness Club)




 Playing skills:



    • Expert of 2/1, SAYC, Precision and Relay Precision, Blue Club systems 


    • Good cooperating skills and long experience to play with players, having different levels, in equal mode. 


    • Good condition and mental strength (I was doing sito-ryu karate, I still play tennis, swim and jog).


    • Unique photographic memory.


    • long experience in teaching and coaching.


    • I have EBL tournament director license
    • I have new ACBL membership 


Publications:, VS bridge teaching method for beginners and advanced players.


VS Twins convention, VS Fanni Convention, VS " Invitational + Relay to 1 major-2major" convention, VS XXX convention, VS When our Sayman is doubled convention, VS "When our transfer is doubled" convention, VS "Continue to 4NT quantitative" convention, VS for 2NT opening convention, VS "for a better Bergen" convention, VS "Preferred Honours asking via grand slam" convention, VS for "support double to 1NT two-suiter overcall" convention, VS for "zone table to beginners" convention, all available on homepage.


My very effective beginner's book, “Bridge school of Dani Vikor”… is published and sold out in Hungary, translated into English.


My teaching method, invented to reform the bridge teaching, containing a new form of mini-bridge game and a lot of effective assets and diagrams, is already translated into English and will be available soon on



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