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1 Diamond - 2 Clubs in 2/1

When I learned 2/1, I learned that a 2 response is forcing to game and does not deny a four card major. Yet today I was emphatically informed by one of the club's best players that 2 most certainly denies a four card major, and if I have one I must bid it immediately, no ifs, no ands, no buts.

I can understand that preference. What I can't understand is the adamant insistence that bidding 2 is completely, totally, and irrevocably wrong. What says the forum?

Note: I'm not putting in an "other" because this seems to me like a binary solution, either it's wrong or it's not wrong to bid 2 over 1 when you have a four card major.

Yes it's wrong. You have to bid 4 card majors up the line.
No it's not wrong.

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