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10 Questions In Lockdown

Bit of fun in this shite time, 10 Questions five bridge five not to get to know a bit about you


1. Favorite Film? 

2. Favorite Band?

3? If you could have one "celebrity" dead or alive over for tea who would it be?

4. Favorite song?

5. on Mastermind what would be your specialist subject? (Not sure what the US version is, but essentially a quiz with a specialist round followed  by a general knoweldge round)

6. What is your best memory in bridge?

7. What is your worst memory in bridge?

8. Pick any bridge partner from the present - who would u pick?

9. Pick any bridge partner from the past - who would u pick?

10. change a rule in bridge!


My anwers:

1: The usual suspects

2: Oasis

3: John Lennon

4: Live Forever (Oasis)

5: The TV show The Bill (UK)

6: First ever slam I made

7: falling out irreversably with my partner

8: Very tough, probably Andrew Robson but one of the top English pros anyway

9: Omar Sharif for the stories!

10: bad behaviour at the table should have a higher punishment!





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