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1000 pounds

playing at a club game I wish I had put down my pound playing against Charles Anderson-Pelham had he been sitting at the table;






I know the odds are about 1 in 1828 to get a hand with nothing higher than the 9.... but what are the odds of;

1. having a Balanced Yarborough

2. actually end up playing the hand; and

3, Making the contract (should have been down, but mis defence let me make)

that happened to me... pard opened 2C and I had a choice to lie about my hand... bid 2N to show a bust the minors (5-5) ... since I didn't want to play at the 3 level, I decided to bid 2H promising at least 4-5 hearts (put a diamond in with the hearts).... Cause it's usually better to play at the 2 level in a suit contract, than in NT.... most were in 2N going down 2 or 3....

Our 2n is 22-24 balanced and our 2C bid is Strong can include a balanced 19+-21(go through a relay to show it, a lot more to this so I won't get into that)... with the later, pard passes.....

dummy hit with





I am interested in knowing if there is anyway of calculating the odds of 1,2 and 3 above happening ....




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