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11th European Small Federation Games - Budapest 2018

Having done the 54th EBTC and 2018 USBC analysis and visualizations, it was time to move on. I focused on competitions that have complete RR format. There are several reasons to do so, but the main one is the number of data entries on each board.

This makes Cross IMPs (or Butler) more reliable, and therefore the conclusions are more solid as well. For example, in KO competitions (especially in late stages of KO), IMPs can skyrocket due to small sample size, and it's very hard to conclude anything based on only 2 or 4 scores for each board.

The analysis and visualizations of 11th European Small Federation Games can be viewed here.

Data are collected from the event's official website. It's essentially BridgeMate data (contract, declarer, lead, score) combined with teams, player names, and Butler calculations.

You can examine each par and team by multiple verticals - exact board of the match, dealer or defender, vulnerability, and position.

If there is anything that is not there that you wish to see, please let me know so I can add it.

Hope you will enjoy it!

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