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1 opener rebid after 2(GF) response

Assume 2/1 with semi forcing 1NT and 1NT open 15-17. 1 open show 3+ cards ,

but usually 4+ Inverted minors

I identified several typical ways or styles in which opener rebid after 1-2(GF)

This pole focus is on opener's 2 level rebids : 2, 2M and 2NT

My impression is that the common use of 3 level bids is: 3 show extra with very good ;

3M – splinter; 3 – natural ;

Not sure how common is the interpretation of the 3NT rebid;

I classified what I found into several approaches.

It will be great if you can explain your preference.

Please vote for the one which is the best match for your bidding style.

A. "Diamonds first" : 2 show 5+ diamonds (says nothing else about his hand). Without 5, he bids naturally (including showing a 4-card major up the line without promising extra values). Opener's rebid of 2 or 2 simply shows 4-card majors up the line (and denies 5 diamonds). Extras not promised. My way is based mostly on the theory of: "Find our trump fit as quickly as possible." Worry later about slam.

Above is almost a quote from Larry Cohen article on 2/1.

B. "M45+ any strength first": 2M show M45 any strength; Different styles exist as to the interpretation of 2 and 2NT , 2 rebid might be just catchall bid or 5

C. "Flexible": 2 show 5+ cards , does not deny M4 : 2M show 8+ cards in M and , at least 4 usually 45,46 might be 44; 2NT 12-14 or 18-19 , might have one or both majors. I called that flexible as with 5M4 you can decide if bid 2 or 2M.

D. "M45+ with extra first" : 2M show extra with M45;3 show good suit with extra; 2 show 5+ ; 2NT any strength usually balanced

E. "M4 Majors first" : Bridge World Standard (BWS) 2017:"Opener's reverse of the form one diamond — two clubs — two of a major does not promise extra values and is ambiguous as to diamond length". I did not find it in BWS , but I concluded that direct 2NT rebid by opener denies M4 and 2 = Diamond length tend to deny M Length;

F. "Golady" : 2 & 2 show 4 card M in the suit above the bid suit. 2 and all higher bids are also conventional and it looks that several versions exist for the meaning of those bids.If you are interest for details go here :

G. "Kokish" : 2 = 5+; 2=4441;2= good C raise;3= weak ;2NT = 12-14(15) it looks that it is designed for opener rebid after 1-2 which is natural 10+ not GF

H. Other


A. "Diamonds first"
B. "M45+ any strength first"
C. "Flexible"
D. "M45+ with extra first"
E. "M4 Majors first"
F. "Golady"
G. "Kokish"
H. Other

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