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1 X 2 X - Minors or can it have hearts?

Have had some debates about approach on the following auction:

1 X 2 X

Assuming that 2NT (instead of X) is lebensohl, is it best to treat the X as minors (responsive) or 2 (or 3) suited that could include hearts?


In addition to understanding how most people approach it, it would be especially interesting to hear why they think a certain treatment is best. I learned one way and played that way for a long time, but am now running into some people who prefer the other way. Obviously the most important thing is to be on the same page, but curious what the arguments are in both directions for which treatment is best.


Thanks for any insight!

I like it to just show both minors
I like it to show 2 places to play
I like it to show 2-3 places to play
I normally like it to show both minors, but if 2NT is lebensohl then I would like it to show 2+ places to play
I would normally like it to show 2+ places to play, but if 2NT is lebensohl then I would like it to show minors
I play it both ways depending on agreement and have no opinion what's best
Other, I swear to god I will post something useful in the comments though

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