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1X 1Y Sequences

In the late 1990's I agreed to play the following methods in the Brighton Summer Congress KO Teams with English expert Brian Callaghan:

1X              1Y

2NT (18+)  3C  Relay to 3D. Useful for stopping low in Diamonds or 3Y if Y was a major

                 3D  Checkback for major suit fit

                 3H  Slam Try for X

                 3S  Slam Try for Y

These methods I beleive were originally devised by top English players Tony Forrester and Raymond Brock in 1980's

I do not recall actually using them in Brighton

I have recently attempted via the internet to find some information on the original methods devised by Forrester and Brock but have found nothing to date.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has access on this subject


thank you in advance for your assistance in this area

Brian Keable

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