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2011 Hall Of Fame Ballot

My usual walk to the mailbox this morning led to a satisfying cup of coffee.  Today, the 2011 Hall of Fame Ballot arrived.  The package included the list of nominated candidates, bridge resumes stating their national wins and seconds, world championship medals, and biographies. The 2011 nominees are:

  1. Bergen, Marty
  2. Boyd, Peter
  3. Bramley, Bart
  4. Greenberg, Gail
  5. Larsen, Kyle
  6. Meyers, Jill
  7. Mohan, John
  8. Picus, Sue
  9. Radin, Judi
  10. Sokolow, Tobi

Together this list of players have won:
29 NABC++ events
48 Women's NABC++ events
58 Other NABC titles
3 Open World Championships
21 Womens World Championships
4 Other World Titles

From the list of 10 nominees, I am allowed to vote for up to four members. Seeing what all these players have accomplished boggled my mind.  It left me with a humble feeling that I am not qualified to vote on who should be inducted.  My sixteen years in the bridge world is hardly enough to judge players with these records.

What does it mean to be inducted into the Hall of Fame?  Is it just a way to recognize an extraordinary resume? Or should we focus more on what the candidates have done for the game?  If it is a combination how does one weigh the difference between winning 20 national titles and writing 20 books?

Click Here for more information on the entire Bridge Hall of Fame process .

And here are the hall of fame candidates' biographies and results sent to the electors.

For the results of the Hall of Fame Vote and the ensuing discussion:   2011 Hall of Fame Vote Comes up Empty

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