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2011 Spingold Round Of 32 Recap

BJARNARSON (Gregers Bjarnarson, Michael Askgaard, Martin Schaltz, and Morten Lund Madsen) upset thedefending Spingold (and Rosenblum) ChampionDIAMOND team today 135 to 132. BJARNARSON had a strong second quarter (winning it 60-13) and then barely staved off DIAMOND's second-half comeback.

Otherwise, all of the favorites advanced to the round of 16, aside from 12th-seeded GORDON losing to the 21st-seeded Icelandic BALDURSSON team. The new Monaco "residents" of ZIMMERMAN survived a scare as they trailed by 14 against the South American VENTIN team after 3 quarters, but ZIMMERMAN pulled out a 12-IMP win.

BBO will broadcast select matches from the round of 16 on Vugraph tomorrow. Log on to watch the action.

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