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2014 European Champions

The European Championships are over, and six countries in each event have qualified to send a team to Chennai, India, for the 2015 World Bridge Championships.

Congratulations to Israel, the winners of the 2014 European Championships in the Open division. The other European qualifiers for the Bermuda Bowl are Monaco (second), England (third), Poland (fourth), Bulgaria (fifth), and Germany (sixth).

In the Women's division, The Netherlands won the Gold, England placed second, France third, Italy fourth, Poland fifth, and Denmark sixth. Congratulations to the Dutch ladies and the other top six teams, who all qualify for the Venice Cup.

The English men won the Seniors division, Sweden placed second, Poland third, Austria fourth, Norway fifth, and Bulgaria sixth. These countries will be representing Europe in the d'Orsi Senior Bowl.

The teams that placed in the top six in the three divisions may not be the same teams that participate in Chennai. Unlike the American trials, where the winning team is sent to the Bermuda Bowl, the European trials qualifies a country to send a team. The National Bridge Organization (NBO) may choose to send the team that participated in the European championships, or it may choose to send a different team.

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