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2014 European Teams Open Discussion Thread

The European Team Championships is beingheld in Opatija, Croatia from June 21st through July 1st. Each country is allowed to send one and only one team, and36 teams are competing this year. The top 6 finishers will get to represent their country in the 2015 Bermuda Bowl.

As mentioned in a companion pollon this site, the 36 teams that entered the Open division are divided into two groups and they will play a round robin within their group. Then the top nine from each group advance to the second round-robin, carrying forward all their VP scores against the other qualifiers from their group. Additionally there is a small carry over from the results against the non-qualifiers in their group. In the second round-robin they play all the qualifiers from the other group.

Results can be accessed on the European Bridge League site. Many of the matches are also being broadcast via VuGraph on BBO.

A couple of our users have asked for an open discussion thread to discuss general topics regarding the 2014 European Championships. Feel free to put your comments about anything related to the events. Please remember to keep things civil and polite; many of the players in the tournament will be reading this.

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