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2014 USBC (aka US Team Trials) Entries Are Open

The 2014 USBC, which will select USA1 for the 2015 Bermuda Bowl,will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, starting on Friday, May 9th. Unless an unexpectedly small orlarge number of teams enter the event, it will have 5 2-day stages: a completeRound Robin among all of the teams that do not have byes to the Knockout stages, followed by 120 board Rounds of 16, 8, 4 and 2. This is a great event and is open to any team consisting of United States citizens or permanent residents who are eligible to represent the US in WBF events.

To enterthe 2014 USBC, you must be a USBF member and have paid dues for 2014. If you meet those requirements, you can enter the event by logging into the USBF websiteand then clicking on "Enter Open USBC" under the User Menu, which appears at the top of the left hand column when you have logged in. We hope that the entry form is self-explanatory and that you can complete and submit it without problems, but if you do have any problems or questions, please email Jan Martel and she will try to help you.

If you want to play but are not currently a USBF member, you can join USBF by going to the USBF website,clicking on "Join" at the upper right of each page (just to the left of "LOGIN"), and completing the registration form. In order to enter the USBC, you will also have to pay 2014 dues.

We will not know which teams have byes until after the Vanderbilt, but based on positioning points after the Reisinger, only one team (Fleisher) could get a Round of 8 bye without making it to the Finals of the Vanderbilt. Fleisher will earn a Round of 8 bye by making the Round of 8 in the Vanderbilt. Nickell & Hamman will earn Round of 8 byes by making the Vanderbilt Finals. Any all-US team that wins the Vanderbilt will earn a R8 bye. Fleisher, Nickell & Kranyak currently have Round of 16 byes. Several other teams could earn Round of 16 byes if they make the Vanderbilt R8. A team will retain its bye for the USBC only if 4 players who earned Positioning Points play in the USBC and any added players are approved by the USBF Credentials Committee.

Entry fees: The entry fees for the 2014 USBC consist of an "event fee" of $360, which is payable when you enter and is refundable only under exceptional circumstances, and session fees of $150 per session ($300 per day), which are payable when you enter for the first stage of the event in which you will play and thereafter when you qualify for a subsequent stage. Session fees for your first stage of play are refundable.

For more information, see the USBF website.

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