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2020 Spring Online KO (was BBO Vanderbilt) update and entry deadline

This is a double elimination knockout tournament. Anyone can enter. 

The entry deadline for this event is Friday March 20 at midnight Pacific time. However, teams will be allowed to enter the following week if it will improve the movement. For example, we currently have 7 teams entered and would add teams to reach 8 but not 9. 

The bracket will be posted Sunday, March 22 at or before midnight Pacific time. Two weeks are allowed to finish the first match. (The first match must finish by Sunday March 5 @ Midnight)

Teams may have up to 8 players. There is no rule on how many boards any particular player must play. You do NOT need to declare your team up front.

Matches should be 32 or 64 boards but can be more or less if the captains agree. 

Since I don't have complete rosters I can't seed on skill. Instead I will ask each captain his preferred times to play match #1 and seed that way. This will be imperfect but then seeding always is.

If you get a bye you didn't lose but you didn't win either. You are just sitting out a round.

Please understand that the cancellation of the NABC and the closing of many bridge clubs happened relatively unexpectedly.

Not a lot of planning has gone into this event.

The only way this event can work is if everyone is on their honor to play fairly.  That means more than not cheating. It means not taking advantage of hesitations and giving full explanations of your bidding system before and during the match. (ACBL Open + or equivalent)

You also need to not take this event too seriously. This event is only for the Love of the Game. I can't possibly intelligently adjudicate any complaints. If I am forced to expect a caprice and arbitrary ruling that infuriates everyone involved. 

For the matches where my help is desired, I will set up the match on BBO.

For those playing complicated systems either the USBF SSF or a WBO convention card is recommended. For all systems an ACBL convention card should be created on Bridge Winners and shared with the opponents.

I recommend a conference call for each table but it is not required. I tend to use skype but other free conference call services are available (

The captains get to agree on misclicks or no misclicks (undo allowed or not allowed). If allowed, everyone is on their honor concerning misclicks.

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