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2/1 GF opening bids (small) variation

I'm trying to make the opening bids more accurate. This is what I propose:

1. I moved all balanced hands (including 5 card major) and 15...18 HCP to 1 NT

2. I moved all balanced hands (including 5 card major)19...21 HCP to 2 NT

3. Open all hands without 5+ major with 12...14TP* with 1C (regardless of the distribution)

4 Open all hands without 5+ major and 15...21TP* with 1D

5. The GF relay is 2C (after 1C/1D opening) . Other answers are natural and (usually) NF or only one round forcing (1H/1S for instance).

*TP=Total Points = HCP + 1 point for every 5+ card in a suit

I would like to know your view on this proposal. The advantage to know from the beginning that the opening is weak (1C) or medium/strong UNNBALANCED (1D) compensate the fact that the opener can be even void in the opening suit ? My answer is YES ! Knowing the strenght and the distribution that opener DOES NOT HAVE (e.g. 15...21 balanced hand or 5+ cards in a major) allow to the Responder often be able to decide for the part score, game or more with higher accuracy.

All comments welcomed !

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