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2 Multi, defense question

When opps open 2 Multi (= 6-cd major, and possibly some strong variant, too) we play 2M overcalls as natural.

After a recent situation, we were discussing how to best define these bids by advancer:

  (2*) - 2 - (P) - 2 

  (2*) - 2 - (P) - 2NT

  (2*) - 2 - (P) - 3

  (2*) - 2 - (P) - 2NT

but didn't really come to a conclusion...

If pard overcalls a major, does it make sense to use the other major as a "cuebid" with good hand and usu trump-support? And 2NT perhaps as nat invite?

Or should we use 2NT as artif forcing (usu good hand with trump-support)? And other major as natural?

It's of course rare that you need to bid the other major naturally. But occasionally -- looking for example at a void in overcaller's  suit and holding a good hand with strong 6+ suit or longer in the other major, you might suspect pard overcalled in their suit and rather suggest your own suit....

Or is there some other useful way to define advancer's bids?

Input/ideas appreciated.

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