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2 and 2 Showing 5-5

My partner for the GNTs is insistent on playing Multi 2 and with this we have the capability of using 2 and 2 to show any variety of hands. He prefers using these bids to show 5-5 hand types:

2 shows 5+hearts and another 5-card suit 6-10HCP.

2 shows 5+spades and a 5-card minor 6-10HCP.

It is my first time playing these bids, and Multi for that matter, so I'm not familiar with the system at all and neither is my partner. What we have decided currently is (briefly):

1) New suits at the 3-level are natural and forcing EXCEPT 3 over 2 showing an invite in hearts.

2) Other new suit bids are P/C.

3) 2N is the asking bid and new suits after a response are cuebids, except diamonds over 2 which is natural and forcing.

4) Versus interference we use double to say "bid your second suit," much like 2-suited overcalls.

Beyond this we have no discussion.

If anyone plays/has played these bids in the past or knows more about this than we do, we would appreciate any comments or insight as to how we can utilize these bids effectively.


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