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2NT and puppet stayman

2NT 20/21 hcp. Can have any 5 card suit.

3 is PS. 

3 says one or both Majors.

3 says 5 card in that M.

3NT says no 4 or 5 card M.

2NT 3 3 are transfers to and .

3 is transfer to 4 weak.

3NT is to 4 weak.

As of now we don't have a system to find opener's minor to reach a slam. And also don't want to disturb the system mentioned above.

 Also it's for the hands where the responder has at least 4 4 in the minors or better and has inferred by the 3NT response to the 3 PS that opener has to have one four card minor.

Caveat: match points( so once one crosses the 3NT level one shouldn't put the brakes below the six level).




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