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3 ways to support 1M opener in 2/1 auction

Suppose you play 2/1 .

My question relates to silent auction.

Suppose that responder with game values that makes delayed support to 1M opener – deny 4 card support i.e. delayed support - show 3 card support.

After 1M – 2minor-2new suit- ?   The question relates to situation in which responder with 3cards in M can make 3 kinds of support: 4M , 3M , and 2M.

I play that 4M response show very bad hand.

I play that 3M bid show hand better than 4M and its start of non serious slam try and can be made with any strength . Do you agree to that or it must be made with extra values ?

After 3M opener should show his strength by bidding 4M(bad hand) or 3M+1(regular hand) or Q-bid(Extra values)

What is the interpretation you suggest to give to 2M ?

3M show extra and 2M without extra
2M deny extra value
2M deny extra value and strength located in side suits ( ready to play NT)
2M may have extra value but strength located in side suits ( ready to play NT)
None of above

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