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3H Overcall

Nil Vulnerable

Pass 2 ?Which of these hands would you overcall 3?

They are randomly generated hands that are consistent with the auction and partner's hand and a recent poll I made.

The poll is here

The poll suggests partner should bid 4 but my simulations suggested that 4 was likely to be poor. So I am trying to check if the parameters on my 3 overcall are reasonable.

Check as many as you would overcall 3. Comment if you would take some other action other than pass.


Please select up to 8 choices.

82 AJT63 AQ8 K52
QJT AJ5432 AKJ 4
85 AJ642 A72 K75
AJ4 JT954 KJ4 K8
AQ A9865432 Q T7
95 AJ654 K9 AT74
KT2 AJT84 KJ87 2
T2 AJT982 A9 K75

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